Government Officials Water Artificial Plants

Carrie Underwood likes to make a splash in her personal and professional life, whether it's dating Coybows star quarterback Tony Romo, or screaming out lyrics on stage. Recently, though, she's taken it to new heights with her concert set design, which featured a virtual fake forest and a rope swing hanging from a giant artificial tree limb.

Silk Plant Maintenance Our beloved US government, known for it's slowness and insatiable appetite for paperwork, put out a bid looking for a company to water its artificial plants. To be fair, the contract did also call for watering live plants. Bidders with a GSA Contract were expected to submit a quote on a very short deadline prior to the end of the department fiscal year, which may have led to the editorial oversight.

Silk Foliage Costumes Ice dancers are known to push the limits of fashion, but many believe that the line was crossed at this year's Olympics. Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalin, a Russian ice dancing team, chose themed costumes with artificial foliage attached to their arms, legs, skates, and necks. They were universally panned by culture critics around the globe, and were thought to have damaged the image of the sport as a whole. We at Commercial Silk Int'l agree that artificial foliage belongs on trees, not on the ice.

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