How to Make a Planter Box with Silk Plants

With a few materials and a little time, you can make a planter box yourself with artificial silk plants provided by Commercial Silk Int’l.

Products Used

Materials Needed

  • Planter Box
  • Rock
  • Sphagnum moss, mulch or bark chips
  • Spray foam
  • Glue gun or styrofoam adhesive


  • Add a two-inch layer of rock to add ballast
  • Dispense foam. Do not fill to the top of the planter box. The foam will rise and expand on its own.
  • Add mulch. Press mulch into foam. Let dry and set up overnight.
  • Use a screwdriver to make a small guiding hole in the foam/mulch for each silk plant to be planted.
  • Using the glue gun, quickly spread glue onto one plant.
  • Press one plant into a hole, thus gluing it into the foam. Step and repeat.
  • Shape plants for a groomed appearance.

If you will be making a planter box or hanging planter for interior use, consider a basket with colorful artificial Bougainvillea flowers.

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