Outdoor Tropical Fake Plants for Aerospace Facilities

artificial tropical tree plan Located at the Seletar Aerospace Park, this purpose-built facility had ambition landscaping requirements for its site. The original outdoor ground conditions were challenging. The soil was of lateritic clay, and typically only supported scrub-like vegetation.

tropical fake plants outdoors Addressing the soil condition led the design team one of two solutions. Either the imprevious harsh soil condition had to be tackled, or go completely unaddressed. An ongoing maintenance budget and time is always of concern, and outdoor artificial plants provided a turn-key solution that would minimize the challenges that the soil condition presented. Artificial tropical plants would, in addition, eliminate the need for landscape maintenance and could withstand and harsh weather conditions. Planting live plants would be less expensive upfront; however, this option would present many challenges:

  • The levels of the site had to be properly graded to allow the rain water to drain well.
  • The large volume of storm water from the extensive roof surface had to be channeled into concealed storm water drains (swales) to mitigate the effects from the deluge of tropical monsoon rains.
  • The natural diversity of indigenous plants is to be preserved and was expressed in the plant selection.
tropical plastic plant concept Thus, Commercial Silk International's array of outdoor artificial plants included tropical and colorful trees and fake plants, as well as plastic ground cover plant shrubs.

The landscape detail submission comprises of drawings, all of which had the client's blessing:
  • The grounds levels grading
  • Artificial plants selection guide for the fake shrubs and trees
  • Perspective drawings and renderings of the finished landscape design plans
In selecting the outdoor artificial plant solution, the design team was able to eliminate the need to render:
  • Working drawing of the swale
  • The profile drawings of the soil mix
Streetscape and Plant Selection

The roadside and perimeter trees selection is extremely varied comprising of a good mix of artificial tropical trees and plants. The intention is to create the diverse depth of tree species typical of tropical rain forests.

The design brief required that the site be suitably planted with large areas of fake ground cover plants interspersed with a variety of low decorative plastic shrubs.

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