How to Ship Silk Plants and Trees Internationally

For an international commercial interior landscape project in a faraway country like Australia or Singapore, shipping silk plants and trees of size requires some heavy duty logistics.

Commercial Silk starts with a sea container built for international shipments.

Before loading the plants or trees, a wood structure is added to the sides and ceilings of the container, not unlike the foundation of a house.

With the structure in place, the plants and trees are loaded carefully one at a time. After each plant is placed in the container, cross beams are added and the plants are secured to the beams equally in several directions to balance the weight. The process is repeated until the container is full.

Using a structure as shown in this video goes a long way toward preventing damage to silk plants and trees, whether you're shipping to New Zealand, India, South Africa, or any other international destination.

Consider using silk trees and plants for your project. As you can see, they will arrive secure and on time to your destination.

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Commercial Silk Int'l
Commercial Silk Int'l