Silk Arboricola Plant is Replicated

Silk Arboricola Foliage

Silk Schefflera Arboricola is modeled after the live plant more commonly known as Umbrella plant, an Evergreen shrub native to Taiwan and Hainan. The live Arboricola plant makes it's appearance typically in the form of a multiple stemmed bush, although single stem trees, braided stem trees and Arboricola bonsai forms are also popular plants. Leaf color and pattern in a living dwarf Schefflera plant range from a dark green leaf to variegated varieties of green with creamy white leaf edges. The glossy leaves are dense, and seven to nine leaflets gently fan out forming a "rounded umbrella". A real Arboricola displays orange-yellow fruit in the winter.

Commercial Silk Int'l designs and manufactures silk tree and plant forms of the Schefflera Arboricola using our Arboricola foliage. The small Arboricola tree can be built from 5' to 8' high, and we have mastered replicating the characteristics of the live Arboricola plant features. The dwarf Arboricola bushes can be created in smaller sizes. However, our foliage is only available in green, and not available in a variegated variety. Perhaps a silk Ficus bush with variegated foliage would be another plant possibility. The Ficus foliage has a pointed tip, unlike the round Arboricola leaf but it is very versatile. Silk plants require less maintenance than live plants do - just a light annual dusting. No need to worry about insects, watering or trimming.

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