Indoor Silk Ficus Trees Offered in Several Varieties

Silk Ficus Varieties

The Ficus is a genre containing nearly 800 species and 2000 varieties of plants, ranging from woody evergreens to climbing plants, shrubs and vines that have existed for 60-80 million years. Throughout history, Ficus trees have been produced for food, religious and practical uses. Ancient Egyptians used the Ficus tree's soft wood to make some of the caskets for their mummies and the people of Uganda used the bark of the Ficus to make paper. The Ficus plants are grown in many different climates including tropical forests, the Middle East, Africa and in the United States.

The living Ficus tree is susceptible to insects, and fights environmental adaptations, and the health of the plant may be challenged with over/under watering. However, these battles are not applicable to replicated silk Ficus trees because they are manufactured with silk Ficus foliage.

Silk trees come in standard sizes ranging from 4' to 24'. They are popular plants in commercial landscapes for their realistic appearance and are crafted with affordable silk foliage. Trees manufactured by Commercial Silk Int'l come in many varieties: variegated Ficus, our Ficus Benjamina tree and silk Ficus Alii are our most popular varieties, while Ficus half trees emphasizes height and accommodates small areas. Our Ficus Benjamina exotic stem is particularly popular among architects and property owners for its twisted and gnarly natural wood stem and is manufactured up to 12' high. Our silk tree collection continues to expand with new and custom shaped trees.

You may wonder how our beautifully crafted silk trees arrive safe and sound to your project destination. We secure our trees in crates and in containers during shipping; our demonstration video on how to ship silk trees in a great source of information. The video quickly illustrates how our team packs and ships our silk Ficus trees.

Overall, our silk Ficus trees make great indoor plants because of their realistic appearance, their lack of need for ongoing maintenance and our silk Ficus are manufactured in wide tree and plant variety.

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