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silk grass plants

Silk grass plants, including silk grasses stems, silk flowers, and silk arrangements, are a simple yet effective way to spice up your decor. Silk grass plants can be used to complete arrangements, enhance grass bushes, or on the dinner table as floating decoration in bowls and vases, as napkin rings, or anything else a creative mind can imagine.

Silk Grass Plants Description: Grass belongs to the Gramineae family of plants. There are over 9,000 kinds of known grasses on Earth, making it one of the largest species of any type on the planet. The evolution of grasses dates back to 55 million years ago, according to fossil records, though scientists have recently found a grass species dating back to 65 million years. In the hands of expert craft-workers, almost all grasses can be replicated as realistic silk plant grass decor for homes, offices, and other dwellings.

Grasses have very simple structures that resemble their simple way of life. At the base, the roots grow into the earth. They are threadlike and reach into the soil, grabbing nutrients, soaking up water and establishing homes in the dirt. Unlike many plants and trees, they require very little maintenance and can grow in very poor soil, even poorer than many garden plants. Dried grasses are used as decorative touches and are used both indoors and outdoors, while potted silk grass plants are often comprised of hand-made silk materials. However, some faux grass is made from plastic, particularly grass mats that are used for decorative displays.

silk grasses stems Silk Grasses Stems Genealogy: Grass stems grow from the base and narrow leaves extend from the stems, usually above each joint. These leaves alternate in direction vertically on the stems -- one leaf will grow on one side of the stem, while the next will grow on the other side a bit higher up the stem, and so on. The plant leaves collect energy from the sunlight through photosynthesis, just like leaves on a tree, and the chlorophyll gives grass it's rich green color. Through the advancement of craft materials, silk grasses stems can be made with the same rich colors we often see in the real version.

In areas with moderately moist to very moist soil, many grasses from Asia and Europe thrive. Japanese silver grass has been grown in America, and it has grown in popularity for gardens, where it is noted for its silky flower tassels that can grow into winter. One interesting adaptation of grass plants is that their blades now grow at the base. This low growth point is an evolutionary response to grazing animals and it allows the grass to be grazed on or mowed without damage to the plant. Fortunately, grass stems made from silk are normally used for decoration and are safe from grazing animals and lawn mowers. However, not all grass is safe from lawn mowers as synthetic imitation grass used for home lawns is growing in popularity because it looks realistic, has a natural feel and is cheap.

silk grasses flowers Silk Grasses Flowers Usage: Grass flowers could be the most essential food source for humans in the world. Rice, corn, and oats all come from grass plants, and along those same lines, most livestock feed primarily on grass. Grasses flowers are even used in the making of sugar, liquor, bread and plastics.

In addition to being an essential food source, grass is probably the most economically important of all the plant families. It is important in food production, industry and our lawns. As mentioned above, grasses grown for their seeds (rice, wheat, corn, etc.) and provide us with more than half of all our calories eaten. Silk grasses flowers are also important to our landscaping needs, both indoors and outdoors in a variety of home and office environments. Common silk grass flowers include bluegrass, bentgrass, ryegrasses, fescues, grama, oysiagrass, bermudagrass, St. Augustine Grass, bahiagrass centipedegrass, carpetgrass or buffalograss, and more.
silk grasses arrangements
Silk Grasses Arrangements Types: Grasses arrangements are used in many projects all over the world. Grasses are important for their ornamental design, where they can add that extra special touch to a project or particular plants. Silk grass arrangements include such grass varieties as ribbon, prairie grass, silk onion grass, dune and bear grass, beach grass, savannah grass, snake grass, artificial wheat grass, and more. All of these decorative artificial grasses can be used separately or together in arrangements when assorted creatively. Further, many people buy artificial grass mats that they display individually to create unique, design-savvy decor for retail, weddings, hotel lobbies and more.

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