Using Silk Plants And Trees To Define And Scale

Silk Plants Define Space A mark of an interior landscaper's talent and maturity is the ability to turn an open space into several distinct spaces, or shape an otherwise characterless space into one with a defined personality. Silk plants and trees are important tools in the toolbox, and an established designer knows how to implement them in a commercial setting to both define a space and provide scale.

Define Spaces
Interior landscape designers can implement silk plants and trees to define space and shape views in a variety of interesting and functional ways. The first, most obvious case, is dividing a room. The concept is simple - line up a series of silk palm trees, for example, to separate one space from another, such as a formal dining area from a casual dining area in a restaurant. Bamboo groves and silk hedges are good choices for privacy screens when a space should be completely separated.

Another, more sophisticated method is to use trees to create a series of unique spaces from one giant space. Done properly, smaller, more intimate areas are created. This is especially effective in hotels and office buildings where sound absorbing silk plants can create quiet pockets for people to collect their thoughts while they wait, or conduct a private conversation.

When working to define your indoor commercial space, remember that the silk tree products you select will become a vital component to your interior decor, so choose your size, texture, and form wisely.

Silk Plants Provide Scale Provide Scale
Ever had a moment walking through a redwood or sequoia forest that made you feel like Alice in Wonderland, where everything seems out of proportion? This same kind of feeling of wonderment can be produced in a commercial space with large silk plants and trees. Ideal for malls with open corridors, buildings with tall mezzanines, and other open areas, a giant tree will literally stop people in their tracks.

Silk trees can also balance the equation in the other direction by bringing a large interior space back to a more human scale. For casinos, shopping malls, and other spacious areas, a properly scaled tree will provide people with the more physically anchored and familiar surroundings they encounter in their daily lives.

Whether choosing to scale up or down, don't forget to select a tree that fits your theme or building decor. For unique spaces requiring an equally unique solution, choose a custom silk tree option.

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