Lifting Spirits: Artificial Palm Trees

artificial palm trees For over seven years, I've had the pleasure of sharing my cubicle with a 16 foot tall palm tree. This sturdy palm greets everyone to walk into the offices of our artificial tree manufacturing business. Cold, rain, sleet and shine, it stands tall and proud to offer us a blanket of palm leaves and its rugged palm trunk offers a visual sanctuary between the piles of paperwork and other office clutter.

When I began my career at Commercial Silk, I was fresh out of design school. I did not know much about either live or artificial trees, silk palms or the benefits of faux plants. Actually, I could not keep living plants alive. But the idea of interior landscaping with artificial plants and trees intrigued me, and sharing my workspace with a very tall artificial palm tree also appealed to me. After all, residing in Minnesota, tropical palm trees are scarce in the natural landscape. And yearning for my next tropical vacation of palm trees swaying and the ocean breeze, this artificial palm tree keeps that dream a little bit closer, and hopefully a little bit sooner. commercial sago palm

Seeing this large palm tree has provided other benefits as well. Real plants have been noted for their mood-lifting qualities, and while I am not an expert on the topic, I do consider my artificial palm to be a spirit-lifter. When the workload and stress is at a higher level, I find it very refreshing to have this large palm in my cube. It is something of a work-of-art, visually interesting, and lifts my eye upwards to the palm fronds which expands the ceiling to a higher dimension. While I am blanketed in the silk palm branches, I feel as though I am in an open space, and it does not take up much room because the artificial trunk is columnar, and the head of the palm leaves is nearly 12 feet high. silk kentia palm tree

Secondly, this fake palm tree requires only minimal care. In comparison to the live plants that are planted on the opposite side of my cube, this palm tree does not need to be watered or trimmed, nor does it have any insect issues. An annual light dusting is all that is needed, which eliminates distractions of plant care, accessibility to the space, and the occasional water droplets in my work space. silk palms

While this single palm tree is placed in a planter and centered underneath the skylight in our office, I have seen many other uses of silk palm trees in tropical landscape themes. Expertly placed artificial plants have also found their way into custom planter beds indoors and outdoors in lobby atriums, shopping malls, restaurants, water parks, casinos and government offices. The new varieties of silk palms and other large trees continue to expand for our growing list of international clientele, and using these artificial plants in designs that need a lift remain as fresh and modern as a natural landscape.

In addition to large silk palm trees, photos of small and traditional palm varieties are featured in this blog. Commercial Silk Int'l manufactures an array of choices, and if you are wanting an artificial palm for your interior space, we can help find the right plant for you.

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