Create Tropical Decor with Silk Fishtail Palm Trees

Fishtail Palms, native to Asia, Indonesia, and the South Pacific, now also grow in Suriname as well as in nurseries in southern Florida. The living Palm tree has slender stem clumps that grow to thirty feet high. Mop-like clusters of flowers develop from the top of a mature Fishtail Palm, and subsequent flower clusters continue to emerge below. The flowers appear in threes, one female flower in between two male ones. Because the Fishtail Palm is monocarpic, the stem dies after the cluster has reached the ground. The Palm clump survives this process as numerous suckers grow at the base of the Palm, producing more stems. Silk Fishtail Palm Foliage

Fishtail palm trees are named for their exotic triangular leaflets, which can reach nine feet in length. The leaves are deep green and leathery with a ragged edge, and Fishtail is the only palm with leaves that are subdivided twice. Similar to other palm trees however, the Fishtail palm tree cannot be pruned back to reduce height, as new growth comes from a high central growing point.

As a leading silk tree and artificial plant manufacturer, our team designs and manufactures silk Fishtail Palm trees at our Minneapolis, MN location. We've designed both a silk Fishtail Palm and a Giant Fishtail Palm tree which is modeled after the living Caryota Mitis Palm. Our silk Fishtail Palm trees can be crafted with our inherently fire retardant foliage, to insure consistent fire protection for your project's specifications. Our silk Fishtail Palm trees are so unique and realistic, our silk Palms and other trees are complimented because they really appears alive and healthy. Our silk Palm leaves resembles the tail fin of an ornamental fish, just like the living Palm, and our silk Palm fronds are light and airy. Fishtail Palm trees are a dominant artificial tree in many faux landscapes. In addition to premium grade foliage specifications, our silk Fishtail Palms are built with natural wood stems.

Silk Palm trees add a wonderful tropical element to indoor habitats. If your commercial project specifies for distinct fake Palm varieties in addition to more common varieties - like Bamboo Palm or Kentia Palm, our team of designers and silk tree manufacturers can implement a custom design for your space. Many faux landscapes have already been emnhanced with a tropical themes that include our Fishtail Palms.

Our team has a combines 50 years of experience in installing our silk trees and artificial plants. We can help you take your tropical themed project from blue print stage to grand opening! We now offer a great source of specification files created in CAD, available by request for Architects and Designers, which include elevation views and plan details.

Silk Fishtail Palm in Tropical Landscape

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