Artificial Boxwood

Welcome to the home of museum-quality green walls, epic-scale foliage screens, and immersive green experiences unlike any other, brought to you by Boxwood. Boxwood describes all of our transformative products that use artificial foliage from Boxwood, English Ivy and other plants to cover any surface, any climate, indoor and outdoor.

Live Boxwood needs constant attention, and that can mean a constant money sink. Artificial Boxwood can go anywhere you need it to, and installs in record time. It never needs watering or trimming, requires no cleanup, and maintains a perfectly poised shape and great color for its entire life.

Boxwood Cone Topiary

Ideal for hallways, terminals and grand entrances, cone shaped topiaries are a tried and true classic that instills a sense of richness, elite status, and attention to detail. Here you’ll find boxwood cone topiaries as well as seveal other plant varieties perfect for your display.

Boxwood Topiary Balls

Topiary balls are an accessible and effective way to make your space feel more orderly, and more in touch with the world of modern interior design. These hand crafted replica topiary spheres maintain a perfect, manicured look year after year that makes your space feel clean and organized.

Indoor Boxwood

There’s no quicker, more efficient path to indoor green walls than indoor artificial boxwood. Artificial boxwood mats quickly cover walls and other surfaces with a seamless and organic-looking blanket of greenery. Create a no-maintenance green wall in no time with permanently lively indoor artificial boxwood.

Outdoor Boxwood

Creating an experiential outdoor space is quicker and simpler than ever before with super efficient boxwood mats and hedges. Outdoor artificial boxwood comes in the form of topiaries, hedges, and green walls, and can be used to break visual line of sight, lending privacy to your outdoor space.

Faux Boxwood Topiary Columns

Boxwood columns and obelisks have a stately and elite appearance, often towering above head-height and serving as a navigational landmark for a constructed space. Faux Boxwood Topiary columns are a statement of luxury equally appropriate for indoor and outdoor use.

Spiral Topiaries

Trimming topiaries into entertaining or aesthetically pleasing shapes has been done for hundreds of years as its own form of art. Replica varieties like Artificial Spiral topiaries bring all the same whimsical character of traditionally trimmed topiaries, without ever needing to re-shape or maintain.