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Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Have a commercial space which allows lot of noise, pollution and prying eyes in? Then you are in dire need of our artificial hedges. If you live in an urban area and work in a highly commercial space, chances are you are deprived of much greenery around you. Fun and refreshing décor designs, interior or exterior are hard to come by in such spaces especially due to lack of experimentation and creativity. There is a common belief that creating a fun and eye-catching setting requires a lot of effort and time. Many-a-times we fail to understand that it does not take much. Just a small detail can totally transform your landscape and lift it to a completely different league. If you are still unsure, then have a look at our collection of artificial hedges. They are the best examples of utility meets beauty and apart from visually defining your landscape and creating a perfect geometry, they will exude a sense of warmth which will be loved by everyone. 

Features of Faux Boxwood Hedges

Dense, lush and highly realistic, our collection of faux hedges is available in multiple shapes, sizes and varieties and offer you the best greenery and private space. A perfect canvas to bring in refreshing looks, they are ideal to divide. Our fake hedges are made from high-quality material, and hence, they will last in your space till times to come. Available in wholesale pricing, our hedges are fire retardant and fade resistant and do not require constant care.

One of the finest and realistic collections of artificial hedges available, these will be a striking presence in your landscape design and will rejuvenate it completely. A fun and playful to the busy lifestyle, our hedges will be a refreshing contrast and will bring in a much needed serenity and color to the space. If you are looking to create a strong border for your outdoor landscape, then our various varieties of hedges might come in extremely handy. A great tool for bringing in privacy in your space, our hedges will create a place full of solitude away from the noise and prying eyes of onlookers. Boasting of breathtakingly fresh appearance, our hedges are apt to provide a dramatic finishing touch to any setting. They can also be used to provide a strong support or as a frame for other plants in your space to grow on or around.

Whether you want a traditional or modern space, we have Boxwood Hedges for every landscape style. Boxwood has been the defining aspect of gardens since centuries and our professionals have created this collection of artificial Boxwood Hedges keeping their legacy and charm in mind. These hedges will recreate the similar grace and romance in your commercial landscape. They will not just make a welcoming addition in your business space but will bring softness to horizontal lines and create a landscape perfect for social connections and relaxation.

Artificial Boxwood Hedges for Outdoors

A versatile decoration which can combine with other elements or plants in your outdoor space or can standalone as a privacy screen or a visually defining feature, our faux hedges will fit in graciously in any setting. Fashioned from high quality material, our hedges are highly durable and boast of eye catching realistic looks. They do not require any heavy maintenance and will continue to charm others with their lifelike looks till times to come. Our hedges are inherently fade resistant as they combine UV blocking with strong colorfast pigments. So, whether they are exposed to harsh sun, wind, water or snow, you can be assured that there won’t be any color loss. If you are looking to block noise between two sections of your commercial area or in the shopping mall, school, college, airport, restaurant or hotel, our faux hedges are extremely reliable. No matter how small or large your space is, we have hedges of different sizes and styles which will fit in your setting perfectly. They are a trouble free decoration and are beautiful building blocks to provide structure to open spaces with ease. Yet another remarkable feature of our hedges is that they are extremely safe to use. Blending fire retardant chemicals, they do not contribute to the spread of fire in case of an outbreak and as such they are designed to protect homes, décor and lives. A fun way to add a pop of color to your indoor or outdoor landscape designs, our fake hedges add excitement to any space they are displayed in. There is a certain simplicity and elegance about our hedges which help in bringing in warmth and creativity to any dull space. Whether you want to evoke a fun or romantic setting, rustic or vibrant ambiance, just play around with our different varieties of hedges and will you see how they bring a space to life.

Fake Boxwood Hedges for Landscaping

Landscaping is not just about beautiful flowers, polished lawns and pathways, exotic plantings and other design elements which will impress everyone with ease. You need to incorporate neat hedges, conceal unsightly objects, create symmetrical designs and barriers, screen your setting from noise and pollution and more. And if you’re looking for such design elements which are crafted to stand the demands and style of your commercial space and at the same time beautify it, then we have something for you – our collection of artificial Boxwood Hedges. Decorative elements which will provide you functionality by solving your commercial landscape design dilemmas and make your setting cozy, cool and inviting, we have artificial Boxwood Hedges which will blend in perfectly in your setting and offer a smart and attractive design approach.

A great way to create barriers, block noise and pollution, create private spaces, direct traffic and to beautify walls and fences, our silk Boxwood Hedges will make your business space more elegant, durable and touchable. Whether you are an office or corporate area, government building or healthcare, hospitality space or entertainment facility, casino or shopping mall, airport or theme park or any other commercial space, these faux Boxwood Hedges will transform your dull space into an aesthetically pleasing setting. An easy option to turn your commercial property landscape into an impressive one, our collection of fake Boxwood Hedges will take your space to a whole new level.

Why Buy Artificial Boxwood Hedges from Commercial Silk Int’l?

Our Boxwood Hedges are manufactured using high quality material giving them an incredibly realistic look and feel. They are extremely durable, do not require constant maintenance and will be a dazzling piece of decoration in your landscape till times to come. Our hedges are ideal for commercial spaces who can’t devote time and finances for the upkeep of real plants and trees.

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