Artificial Boxwood Hedge Roll


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Artificial Boxwood Hedge Roll

People often think that they can’t do much to rev up a commercial space. Looking to spice up the school or college garden? Yes, let’s bring in a couple of bright flowering trees indoors and outdoors and hope that it does the job. Looking to match the ambiance of your hotel or restaurant with something which is fun and looks at home? Let’s play with the lighting and wall colors and throw in a couple of antiques as well. That should do the job, wont it? What about transforming the formal looks of the office space? Let’s make sure that the furniture is stylish. Why are we so hesitant when it comes to experimenting and so bereft of creative ideas to create a space which reflects our ideas and personality? In order to ditch the predictability of our commercial space décor and to elicit a bit of surprise, we have come up with varied decorations and one of them is our collection of artificial mat rolls.

Use Fake Boxwood Mat Roll for Commercial Spaces

If you are looking to highlight a specific area of your office or mall or looking to bring some fun in a formal landscape, our artificial boxwood rolls are perfect. Crafted from high quality material, they are extremely durable and do not require constant upkeep. You can use them outdoors without worrying about fading and the fact that they contain fire resistant chemicals mean that you can be assured that they won’t be harmful during fire outbreak.

Surely, it is time we go beyond furniture and lighting and paint to bring some freshness to our indoor and outdoor space. And that’s the reason our team of designers has created this collection of mat rolls of various varieties in different sizes and styles to meet your requirements. Ideal to create a living wall or to highlight certain space in your commercial area, our mat rolls create an extremely comforting setting. An extremely convenient way to bring consistent color and structure in your landscape, our mat rolls will bring you refreshing foliage so that you don’t have to toil and wait for green cover to appear in your space.

If you have ugly fences or unglamorous walls in the outdoor space of your commercial area and want to bring in a low maintenance, consistent green cover then our collection of faux mat rolls will solve the problem. Rich and sophisticated, they will bring privacy to the space with their dense foliage and will provide a beautiful structure to the setting. A wonderful backdrop, our mat rolls are ideally suited for commercial spaces and will bring a visual aesthetic which will exude charm and warmth.

Features of Our Faux Boxwood Hedge Roll

Available in various sizes and shapes, we can also custom make our artificial hedge roll based on your requirements. Easy and convenient options to soften imposing settings, these rolls are ideal for busy workplaces.

Crafted from premium quality material, our mat rolls are extremely lifelike and do not require constant care. They are durable and will provide your space joy and color till times to come. Our innovative technology ensures UV blocking with strong colorfast pigments which makes our rolls fade resistant and perfectly suitable for outdoor use. So, no matter whether you use it outdoors in Miami or Alaska, our artificial boxwood roll will stand up to extreme harsh weather conditions. A great option to bring color, texture and drama in your limited space, just install them on the walls or fences or any substrate and watch the space come to life.

Why Buy Artificial Boxwood Hedge Roll from Commercial Silk Int’l?

There are times when our office or restaurant or shopping mall becomes too formal and without any fun factor. A vital component to blur outdoor planes or to soften imposing landscape and to bring some fun to dull setting, our artificial boxwood hedge roll combine elegance with utility and will do the job perfectly. They will also help you hide some ugly features in your indoor or outdoor space and will make your setting a tad interesting. Our team has also worked on the safety aspect of our rolls and as such we have used fire retardant materials while fashioning them. This makes sure that our rolls do not contribute to fire outbreaks and make your space safer.

A convenient and gorgeous way to beautify rugged walls and landscape, our artificial rolls will spark creativity in your space. They won’t just add variety and elegance to the space, but will also bring a sense of calm in busy parts. So, if you are looking to create a beautiful indoor or outdoor landscape design without much hassles, then our rolls are ideal for you.

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