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Boxwood Large Leaf Roll Mat ID# BOX+T32RLL

Boxwood Large Leaf Roll Mat
Boxwood Large Leaf Roll Mat

Our best Boxwood Mat, now in a massively convenient roll that covers serious surface area. With these pre-configured yet customizable rolls, you'll have a botanically accurate outdoor green wall that will stay lush and vibrant for years, regardless of the season. Our replica plants deliver the best possible experience, finding the sweet spot between minimal maintenance and true-to-life details that make your outdoor landscaping rich and alive with beautiful greenery. Our Large Leaf variety delivers a new take on a classic, putting a little more "oomf" in your outdoors. Large Leaf Boxwood features broader leaves in a thick, dense mat that fully obscurs any surface, covering it with perfectly arranged boxwood leaves.


  • Also available in additional sizes; 2', 3', 4' widths
  • Premium outdoor foliage perfectly replicates natural beauty and vibrancy of real leaves
  • Simple modular structure for DIY designs
  • Easy coverage with large sheets or rolls
  • Turns nearly any surface into a green wall


  • Foliage: Plastic
Weather-resistant PermaLeaf® materials available.
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