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Immediate Impact 

If you’re looking for botanically accurate, ready-to-ship artificial boxwood panels that can be quickly and easily assembled into a stylish green wall, you have found the exact right place. With green walls becoming so popular in the design world, we developed a simple square panel backed by a flexible plastic mesh that lets you take granular control of your biophilic designs. At standard sizes of one- and two-foot squares, this artificial boxwood mat can single-handedly elevate your space into an experience with memorable impact.

Our Boxwood mat was made for maximum versatility, so you can order a single product to complete your entire green wall project. These panels are created in a way that guarantees no two squares have the same foliage pattern, regardless of rotation, so you’ll never see the cheap-looking “copy and paste” repetition of low-end green walls.

These flexible mats can easily wrap around columns, around curved walls and cornered ceilings without special-order parts, and each square can be cut with common tools, so your installers can work around power outlets and access panels without slowing down or searching for special accessories. There is simply no simpler way to get on top of this growing green wall trend than with our modular artificial boxwood mats.