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Artificial Boxwood Mat

Whether you are looking to create an artificial green wall in your office reception area or restaurant, or want to cover eyesores like wires or other utility features in your space. Available in convenient and easy to use square panels, you can apply them on to an exterior wall giving you a rejuvenating space and a welcome relief and beauty. If you like to have some greenery around you or if you are tired of boring walls and how they feel, then our faux mats are ideal. They are a great way to rev up a dull space and will add a finishing touch to your design. And it’s not just about the cool and adorable looks which they bring, our mats bring a certain charm, longevity, and are a low cost and high quality decoration.

Our Collection of Artificial Boxwood Mat

Our artificial boxwood mat collection is a great example of versatility in commercial designs. Whether you want to create a boundary or hide some unsightly features in your indoor space, our boxwood mat will do it with vibrancy and with great effect. If you are looking to bring a touch of nature indoors or need some greenery in your outdoor space, our faux mat collection is ideal. Our faux boxwood mat collection includes:

Features of Our Faux Boxwood Mat

Manufactured using high quality material, they are fire resistant and fade retardant and available in wholesale pricing. A stunning decoration which will also combat the stress free workplace, our fake mats bring a cozy and comfortable feel.

Our mats make use of strong colorfast pigments which makes them inherently fade resistant. So no matter how harsh sun, wind, water or snow, you don’t have to worry about color loss from this mat. It will continue to inspire and refresh your workforce and customers alike.

Why Buy Artificial Boxwood Mat from Commercial Silk Int'l?

If you love a serene and laid back day outdoors, away from the hustle and bustle, then our mat is highly recommended for you. Why? Because its stunning color and calm demeanor will provide your space a bright and fluid form, recreating the ambiance and surroundings you love. Commercial spaces often get extremely formal and thus intimidating and need an outlet to bring back some fun in the design. We know the importance of keeping your indoor and outdoor commercial area peaceful yet make a statement and stimulate senses. Hence, we have created a large collection of artificial mats especially for commercial settings which will ensure that your dour space is transformed into a dynamic one without going over the top.

A beautiful and fun way to decorate walls and barriers, our artificial foliages make for a delightful decoration whether it’s the wall in your reception area or conference rooms, restaurant walls or mall. They have a wonderful ability to bring energy into any space and brighten up any boundary making the setting more fun and vibrant. Crafted from premium quality material, they do not require high maintenance and as such they are perfectly suited for busy spaces. Highly durable and easy to use, our fake mats make for a charming backdrop and will continue to enthrall everyone till times to come. If you have an uninspiring lobby or meeting area which disappoints aesthetically rather than the ideas of others, then your space is in dire need of some creativity which is exactly what these mats bring. And if you are looking to use them outdoors then rest assured that they will be as sparkling and interesting as always. 

A dazzling piece of decoration, mats are trendy and offer a cozy and comfortable ambiance. Fun and versatile, they are ideal to hide away unsightly elements in your indoor or outdoor space and will give you a landscape which is stylish and highly impressive. Let us also assure you that our mats are blended with fire retardant chemicals making them absolutely safe in case of fire outbreak. A perfect evergreen cover for any space, they will offer you peace of mind from a safety and beauty standpoint.

Workspaces are already high-stress and full of pressure. One look around and there is no outlet to relax and calm yourself down. Moreover, the clean and formal looks make one low on inspiration and energy. Our artificial mats offer a pop of color and a whole lot of vibrancy and much needed inspiration. A perfect way to introduce a moment of calm in the busiest of spaces, our mats will allow you to stay cheerful and your landscape playful.

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