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Phalaenopsis Orchid / Shell / Succulent - Artificial Flower Table ArrangementsID# PRG/RC-0962FWS


Phalaenopsis Orchid / Shell / Succulent - Artificial Flower Table Arrangements ID# PRG/RC-0962FWS

Phalaenopsis Orchid / Shell / Succulent - Artificial Flower Table Arrangements
Phalaenopsis Orchid / Shell / Succulent - Artificial Flower Table Arrangements
Phalaenopsis Orchid / Shell / Succulent - Artificial Flower Table Arrangements
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  • Size 38''h x 17''w x 17''l
  • Plate
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Artificial Phalaenopsis Orchids with Shells and Succulent is produced by Commercial Silk Int’l is an enchanting, handcrafted Phalaenopsis Orchid accented with artificial succulent plants and shells. With its lifelike textures, the tranquil Phalaenopsis is a popular choice for a variety of commercial interiors, including restaurants and hotel lobbies. Custom and wholesale options are available upon request. Look around your business space? Does it feel thrilling or you does it feel mundane and bland? If you serve customers every single day, then you need to make sure that you find new ways time and again to make your commercial décor look exciting and unique. After all, this is what will drive customers in, create a delightful place for social connection and conversations and make them feel better and happier. If you’re looking to make your business space charming and distinct, then we have something for you – our artificial flower arrangement consisting of faux Phalaenopsis Orchids, Succulents and Shells. One of the most unique pieces of decoration, our artificial floral centerpiece mixes the exoticism of Orchids with the vibrant texture and colors of Succulents and are sprinkled with the tranquility of some of the most amazing Shells. Doesn’t it look fascinating?

A great way to enhance any dull space, our silk flower arrangement have the ability to create stand-out and elegant rooms without any hassles. They are highly stylish, fun and affordable solutions to make any commercial space interesting and appealing. One of the best things about this faux flower centerpiece consisting of silk Succulents, Orchids and Shells is that it is a brilliant combination of unexpected elements which will create a charismatic look and spur surprise in the setting. Our fake flower arrangement is perfectly suited for display in cafes, restaurants, hotels, coffee tables, lobbies, atriums, meeting rooms, reception area or any other uninspiring setting. They will brighten up every inch of your business space and will bring a delightful feel to the setting.

Handcrafted using premium quality material, our Orchids and Succulents have an incredibly lifelike color and texture. They are highly realistic in appearance, are extremely durable and do not require constant upkeep. A charming decorative accessory which will make you and your visitors feel good about the space, our flower arrangement will be a defining addition to any interior décor. They will bring new life in the space and will be a lasting presence.

Our artificial flower centerpiece of Phalaenopsis Orchids, Succulents and Shells boasts of a mystique and charm which will never go unnoticed. If you think that your commercial interior landscape could do with some colors and chic look, then this is the perfect answer.

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