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Ranunculus / Snowballs / GrassID# PHW/RC-2372FWS


Ranunculus / Snowballs / Grass ID# PHW/RC-2372FWS

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  • Size 16''h x 17''w x 10''l
  • Ceramic vase
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Artificial Ranunculus flowers and Snowballs with Grass is an ideal flower bouquet for your office or hotel guest room. This arrangement with artificial Snowballs and Grass measures 16" tall and is placed into a ceramic vase.

This silk white composition is complete with giant Snowballs, two toned green grass and delicate flowers. Incredibly realistic, our artificial flowers do not require any plant service. Our floral collection includes many flower arrangements manufactured with artificial Snowballs such as Tulip, Rose and Lily.

Businesses, these days, are all about creating pleasant experiences. You need to connect with your customers and ensure that your commercial space tells a story which will make a lasting impression on everyone from your customers to employees to clients. And nothing comes better than flowers to make your space pleasant, exciting and make an impression. If you’re looking to add some flowers in your commercial landscape design, then we have something perfect for you – our collection of artificial Ranunculus Flowers, Snowballs and Grass. An ideal flower arrangement consisting of soft, calm tones, our centerpiece consisting of artificial Ranunculus Flowers, Snowballs and Grass will create a highly soothing and mesmerizing setting.

Placed in an equally charming and elegant ceramic vase, our silk flower arrangement stands at 16” and will add a touch of class to the entire setting. Decorative accents which will refresh and rejuvenate your setting in an instant, these Faux Ranunculus flowers, Snowballs and Grass will set the tone in the space as soon as anyone sets foot in it. A great way to make your business space easy and enjoyable without any hassles, these faux flowers will have a big impact in the setting. Flowers which will add grace and charm to any business space, these fake Snowballs, Ranunculus and Grass will be a lovely addition in any design space.

Our Ranunculus, Snowball and Grass centerpiece is perfect for display in a range of commercial spaces including amusement parks, exotic display rooms, exhibitions, center tables, conference rooms, office or corporate buildings, government buildings, retail stores, entertainment facilities, healthcare and hospitality spaces, senior living facilities, casinos, theme parks, airports, colleges and other commercial spaces and will bring a pleasing splash of tranquility and joy to the setting. Crafted from premium quality material, our flower centerpieces look extremely realistic and do not require any sort of heavy maintenance. They are extremely vibrant and durable and will bring delightful colors and appeal to the setting till times to come.

One of the most adorable flower arrangements you’ll come across, our bouquet consisting of Ranunculus, Snowballs and Grass will help you craft a perfect look in any room or setting.

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