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Rose / Peony / RanunculusID# PKP/EC-9952FWS


Rose / Peony / Ranunculus ID# PKP/EC-9952FWS

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Photo 1
  • Size 16''h x 27''w x 20''l
  • Resin oval container
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If you’re looking to design your office building or conference rooms or your workspace, then you need a setting which promotes focus and function. You need a space which is cool and calm and makes everyone feel at ease. If you’re looking to design your hospitality or healthcare facility, government or senior living space, exhibition or trade show then you need decorative accessories which will make your space look relaxed, cozy and ready. There’s one design element which will fit in perfectly in any type of commercial project and help you get the desired look – our artificial flower arrangement consisting of faux Roses, Peonies and Ranunculus flowers. Flowers which are striking and will make a wonderful first impression on every visitor, this artificial floral arrangement is an amazing centerpiece for any and every interior. Whether you want to make your lobby or reception area more presentable and inviting or want to just bring in some pleasant colors, our silk flower arrangement is just perfect. The look, feel and ambiance of any space is upgraded with the presence of flowers in it and this is exactly what our faux flower arrangement will bring to the table, a timeless charm and infectious joy. Featuring a colorful and rich blend of silk Roses, Peonies and Ranunculus, some of the most happiest blooms, this fake flower arrangement will bring an unrivaled energy and spirit to the interior space. No matter where you place them in your business space, they will simply illuminate the setting.

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