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Roses / Peonies / HydrangeasID# PER/TB-7062FWS


Roses / Peonies / Hydrangeas ID# PER/TB-7062FWS

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Photo 1
  • Size 17''h x 18''w x 18''l
  • Bowl
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Commercial décor works best at its minimal. You don’t need a lot of design elements to make it look good. You need to avoid the temptation of a complete overhaul or introducing a variety of accessories as it will only contribute towards creating a clutter and that’s the last thing you want in your commercial interiors. Instead, focus on minor, subtle details which will allow your original design to shine through. And if you’re looking for this subtle accessory which transform your space without too much work, then have a look at our artificial floral centerpiece consisting of red silk Roses, faux Peonies and silk Hydrangeas. A design element which will help you create a focal point in your commercial area and will keep the eye interested, they will give a much needed boost to the landscape.

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