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Tulip / Calendula / SnowballID# PRG/RC-2172FWS


Tulip / Calendula / Snowball ID# PRG/RC-2172FWS

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  • Size 19''h x 19''w x 19''l
  • Ceramic pot
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Do you have a business space which can be best defined as ‘color-conservative’? Whether its your office space or a corporate headquarter, healthcare or hospitality space, most of them feature only the neutral shades in the setting. This ensures that their space stays formal but bland, calm but not so much fun. There is a certain joy in including bright colors in your commercial space. Not only it brings energy in to the setting, but lifts the overall feel and mood. And if you’re looking to bring a dose of vibrant colors in your commercial project, then have a look at our artificial flower arrangement consisting of silk Tulips, Calendula and Snowballs and a delightful ceramic pot. A highly stylish and classic choice for adding life into your business space, this artificial floral arrangement will add the finishing touch to the setting. An artful presence which will instantly transform the environment of your bland interiors, our silk flower arrangement will bring in a wonderful, cheerful ambiance. Display it on your hotel, restaurant or cafe tables or counters, work desk, reception or lobby area, conference rooms or any seating area, these faux flowers will give you a delightful interiors with their luxurious and elegant presence. Tulips and Snowballs are a timeless treasure and combined with the beauty of faux Calendula flowers, they will hold a special place in your setting. With a touch of simplicity and high style, this fake flower arrangement has the ability to mold according to the space, blend in perfectly and their richness and elegance will shine through.

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