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Bougainvillea Flower GarlandID# PCO-162BGFS


Bougainvillea Flower Garland ID# PCO-162BGFS

Photo 1
Photo 1
Photo 1
  • Size 72''
  • Botanically accurate, premium foliage with vibrant color and detail
  • Indistinguishable among real plants
  • Carefully researched lifelike appearance
  • Foliage: Polyester
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Is your store covered with decorative accessories yet it doesn’t feel inspiring? Have you styled-up your hotel or office lobby with elements in a hope that they will contribute to a delightful environment, but in vain? Did you recently completely overhauled your commercial space décor, yet it does not feel like your own? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, then you are in need of design elements which will bring fun in your setting and show off your style and your business persona. You are in need of something like this – a collection of artificial Bougainvillea garlands which will light up your monotonous space with their color and texture. No matter how small or large area you have for decoration, each space has the potential to stamp your personality on it. And if you want to bring some fun and vigor to it, then these artificial Bougainvillea garlands are just perfect. It’s easy to decorate a space without professional help, but it’s really difficult to integrate the decorative elements in the setting. Our silk Bougainvillea garlands are extremely easy to work with and blend in perfectly in any type of setting. They will be the crowning beauties of your entrance space or bland walls. Innovative and bold actions often prove to be interesting solutions and these faux Bougainvillea garlands will be just that – a highly appealing and fresh presence in your commercial landscape. A great way to bring a dash of color and the surprise of an unusual design accessory, our fake Bougainvillea garlands will help you create a unique design space which is exactly what you and your visitors deserve.

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