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Grape Ivy Garland FoliageID# GRI#72


Grape Ivy Garland Foliage ID# GRI#72

Grape Ivy Garland Foliage
Grape Ivy Garland Foliage
Grape Ivy Garland Foliage
Grape Ivy Garland Foliage
Photo 1
Photo 1
  • Size 72''
  • Botanically accurate, premium foliage with vibrant color and detail
  • 138 leaves
  • Indistinguishable among real plants
  • Carefully researched lifelike appearance
  • Foliage: Polyester
Fire-retardant ThermaLeaf® materials available.
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There is so much more to decorative accents than just providing color, texture, interest and depth to the surroundings. When it comes to commercial décor, decorative elements provide the space a story and details which don’t just liven up the setting but also enrich the experience of everyone around it. Too often we focus on the bigger architectural details and fail to address these subtle introductions which make a big impact. So, if you’re looking to introduce such design elements which will have a delightful relationship with your overall architectural, then have a look at our collection of artificial Grape Ivy garland. Something which will enhance and reinforce your commercial setting, no matter what business you’re in we have silk Grape Ivy garland which will suit your space beautifully.

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