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Greenery goes a long way towards making your commercial property attractive and improving your brand impression. It’s quite simple – a business with an inviting space featuring refreshing greenery in their design and outdoor space will attract more customers and clients than a space which is dark and bland without any discerning features. Making your commercial space look absolute best is extremely important. And if you’re looking to introduce some greenery in your commercial space, then we have one of the largest and most eye-catching collection of Fire Retardant Artificial Bushes that will conjure up a refreshing vibe in the setting without any hassle. And as the name suggests, these bushes are infused with fire retardant chemicals making them flame retardant ensuring that they do not cause the spread of fire in case of an outbreak.

Range of Fire Retardant Faux Bushes

Ideal for compact spaces or minimal landscapes, we have a large collection of fire retardant silk bushes that will make your space more interesting and enjoyable without any hassles. And if you want to introduce some color to the setting, then opt for our artificial flower bushes that will give you year-round colorful and joyous setting. From artificial Arrowhead Bushes to artificial Chinese Evergreen Maria Bushes, silk Croton Plants to silk Ficus Benjamina Foliage, faux Fern Bushes to faux Gardenia Bushes, fake Guzmania Bromeliad Bushes to fake Neanthe Bella Palm, we have faux bushes and floor plants that will give you a highly cheerful and appealing design scheme season after season. Our collection also features artificial bushes for outdoor use which make use of fade resistant chemicals and will give you a striking and inviting outdoor space while withstanding harsh weather conditions.

Why to Buy Fire Retardant Indoor and Outdoor Shrubs and Bushes?

Fire Retardant faux shrubs and bushes will not just create an attractive environment but a safe one in your commercial space. These flame retardant artificial bushes comply with NFPA 701 and have a Class ‘A’ fire rating ensuring that you have an eye-catching and safe landscape. Greenery which will bring an elegant, refined look to the setting, our foliage will give your space a fresh, new look without any fuss.

Long-Lasting, High Quality Shrubs and Bushes for Commercial Spaces

Crafted from premium quality material, our fire retardant fake bushes are created with care and attention to details. Highly stylish, lifelike and durable accents, these artificial shrubs do not require any sort of constant upkeep and will bring a rich, premium look to the setting. They will be splendid additions to any landscape and will give you an exhilarating, impressive space season after season. They are perfect for display in a range of commercial spaces including offices and corporate buildings, retail stores, shopping malls, hospitality spaces, amusement parks, museums and exhibitions, exotic display rooms, casinos, theme parks, airports, schools and colleges and others.

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