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Jungle VineID# P1054AS


Jungle Vine ID# P1054AS

Jungle Vine
Jungle Vine
Jungle Vine
Jungle Vine
Photo 1
Photo 1
  • Size 6'
  • Indistinguishable among real plants
  • Carefully researched lifelike appearance
Fire-retardant ThermaLeaf® materials available.
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Artificial Jungle Vine is an artificial vine decoration by Commercial Silk Int'l. Our Jungle vines have been used in the themeing and decoration of restaurants and hotels; this tropical vine appears in jungle themes. Often, faux jungle plants and tropical animals appear to swing from our artificial Jungle vines, creating a sense of awe from adults and children alike. This realistic Jungle vine is 6 foot long, and the tropical appearance is created from synthetic materials.

Artificial jungle vines can be paired with other tropical vines such as flowering vines, and tropical ivy vines to enhance your project's jungle theme.

There are multiple accents which can find their way in an average commercial space décor and help it transition from average to decent. However, there are only few decorative accents which have the ability to engage the senses and craft a truly standout space. Our range of faux vine comprises such accents. Featuring interesting decorations which will help you create captivating interior space, we have artificial Jungle Vines which will make for a highly irresistible display no matter where you place them. Used extensively in water parks, swimming pools, theme parks, restaurants, landscapes, et al to create a jungle theme or an extremely realistic tropical theme, these artificial Jungle Vines will bring delightful value to your setting.

Featuring slender, wavy wooden vines which can bring realism and spark interest in any landscape, these silk Jungle Vines will be a vibrant presence in any space. Measuring 6’, our faux Jungle Vines are available in brown and moss colors and will bring a much needed raw, rustic element to any theme. A wonderful way to light up any commercial space, our fake Jungle Vines will make for a delightful addition and will create a highly stylish space.

Available in a range of sizes and styles, we have artificial vines which will be highly appealing additions in any landscape or theme. Perfect for display in a range of commercial spaces including amusement parks, exotic display rooms, exhibitions, office or corporate buildings, government buildings, retail stores, entertainment facilities, healthcare and hospitality spaces, senior living facilities, casinos, theme parks, airports, colleges and other commercial spaces, this silk Jungle Vine will create a highly special and appealing setting.

Crafted from premium quality material, our faux Jungle Vine looks incredibly lifelike and do not require constant upkeep. Highly durable, striking and long-lasting, this fake Jungle Vine will bring a touch of whimsy to the setting and make it highly dramatic.

Landscape accents which will make your space rustic and better, these Jungle Vines are really eye-catching and will make a big impact in the setting till times to come.

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