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King Sago Palm Trunk (exterior) ID# PKS+72

King Sago Palm Trunk (exterior)
King Sago Palm Trunk (exterior)
King Sago Palm Trunk (exterior)
King Sago Palm Trunk (exterior)
King Sago Palm Trunk (exterior)
King Sago Palm Trunk (exterior)

For the DIY that is looking to create an island paradise look and feel, include the King Sago Palm trunk in your design. Already made to look completely authentic and natural, this will go well with our palm fronds to create a small tree and be creative and use this to make a fun, original design. 72” long, durable and long lasting, this trunk will be a great base for many of your designs. Talk to one of our consultants for additional ideas.


  • Size 72''
  • Natural moldings capture perfect detail of authentic bark texture
  • Trendy & fashionable selection of branches
  • Low maintenance displays
  • Real preserved natural wood branches
  • Custom containers for decorative expression


  • Trunk: Plastic
Weather-resistant PermaLeaf® materials available.
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If you’re looking for decorative accents which will enhance your commercial landscape without much time and finance requirements, then this King Sago Palm trunk is perfect. Our decorative accents will give you a highly dynamic and special business space.