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Freesia Bush Foliage (yellow) (exterior)ID# FRE++22Y


Freesia Bush Foliage (yellow) (exterior) ID# FRE++22Y

Freesia Bush Foliage (yellow) (exterior)
Freesia Bush Foliage (yellow) (exterior)
Freesia Bush Foliage (yellow) (exterior)
Freesia Bush Foliage (yellow) (exterior)
Freesia Bush Foliage (yellow) (exterior)
Freesia Bush Foliage (yellow) (exterior)
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  • Size 22''
  • Premium outdoor foliage perfectly replicates natural beauty and vibrancy of real leaves
  • Remains healthy and vibrant year round
  • Low maintenance; no trimming, watering or fertilizing
  • Foliage: Plastic
Weather-resistant PermaLeaf® materials available.
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If you’re a business owner who is absolutely bored with looking at the same flowers in every other landscape and would love to bring in something which is full of zest and charm, then we have something for you – our collection of outdoor artificial Freesia Bush Foliage. Full of warmth and vibrant yellow Freesia flowers combined with a refreshing, lush foliage, our faux Bush will bring a dash of sunshine to your business space even in the dullest of days. There’s something absolutely magical about Freesia flowers. Don’t they look like a bunch of bright and adorable butterflies stuck in a lively greenery? A great way to create an attention-grabbing commercial outdoor landscape, this artificial Freesia Bush Foliage will illuminate the setting and make it happy and lovely in an instant.

There is something beautiful and cheerful about a landscape which features flowers in it. Whether its an entire area or a minimal bunch in some corner or near the entrance, they spark life into the setting. And this is exactly what you’ll get with our outdoor silk Yellow Freesia Flowers in your business space. No matter how dull the weather is, or how uninspiring and bland your landscape looks, these outdoor faux Freesia Bushes will bring color and a lot of happiness and smiles in the setting. They are perfectly suited to small office or commercial building outdoor spaces, hospitality or healthcare spaces, retail or senior living facilities, entertainment centers or casinos, airports or colleges and will bring a fun look and feel to the setting.

Crafted from premium quality material, our Freesia flowers have an incredibly realistic look and feel and do not require constant upkeep. They are simply stunning, highly durable and will continue to give you an aesthetically pleasing setting till times to come. Our Freesia Bushes are manufactured using our innovative technology which combines UV blocking with strong colorfast pigments and prevents color loss from them. So, you can use it outdoors without worrying about color loss due to sun, wind, water and snow.

If you’re looking to create a commercial landscape that is energetic and full of warmth and flair, then look no further than our range of outdoor fake Freesia Flowers. There are certain flowers which strike a perfect chord no matter where you place them. Our Freesia Bushes are just that. They will help you create a memorable business space. One which will delight all your consumers.

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