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Limber Pine (exterior)ID# PLB+34B


Limber Pine (exterior) ID# PLB+34B

Limber Pine (exterior)
Limber Pine (exterior)
Limber Pine (exterior)
Limber Pine (exterior)
Limber Pine (exterior)
Limber Pine (exterior)
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  • Starting dimensions 34" (custom dimensions available)
  • Premium outdoor foliage perfectly replicates natural beauty and vibrancy of real leaves
  • Remains healthy and vibrant year round
  • Low maintenance; no trimming, watering or fertilizing
  • Foliage: Plastic
Weather-resistant PermaLeaf® materials available.
Available Colors
Smokey Blue
Tea Green

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Artificial Limber Pine foliage is a plastic outdoor evergreen branch manufactured by Commercial Silk Int'l. Our 34" branch is available in an attractive smokey blue color as well as a distinctive tea green. The pine foliage is called Limber Pine because of the flexible nature of the branch. The strong yet limber branch has an outdoor UV rating, and will gently sway with a light breeze, capturing the harmony of a landscape. The plastic tree branch is also called Vanderwolf Pine because it mimics nature. Use this outdoor artificial pine branch to craft realistic looking handcrafted trees, both pyramidal shaped or having a natural looking crown. This fake tree branch can also be used to manufacture wreaths and swags. It’s often the least know, minimal things which make the biggest impact. This is true especially when it comes to landscape decoration. Subtle design elements often go unnoticed on their own but make an instant impression in the setting. And if you’re looking for such minimal design elements for your commercial property which are influential and interesting and make an instant, captivating impact on the landscape, then we have something for you – our collection of outdoor artificial Limber Pine Foliage. Available in an attractive and pleasant smokey blue and a distinctive tea green shade, this outdoor artificial Limber Pine Foliage will give you a visually pleasing business space. Whether you’re commercial landscape design is lacking in greenery or rejuvenating color or striking elements, then this is exactly what you need.

If you are a business owner looking for decorative accessories which will make your commercial property landscape intimate and cozy, then our silk Limber Pine Foliage is just what you need. Whether you want to create a pleasing hangout space in your office or corporate building or want to bring a soothing feel to your hospitality, healthcare or senior living facility, this faux Limber Pine Foliage is perfect. Just combine them with your existing greenery or landscape or create one from scratch in your outdoor space, our fake Limber Pine Foliage will liven up and upgrade your business space. Highly versatile and exciting, they will sway in the breeze and will capture the attention of every visitor. Our Limber Pine Foliage is crafted using premium quality material which gives it an incredibly lifelike color and texture. Highly eye-catching and durable, they do not require any constant upkeep and will give you a happy environment till times to come. Our innovative technology ensures that no matter what the weather is, our foliage will stand gracefully in the landscape. Combining UV blocking with strong colorfast pigments, this faux foliage is inherently fade resistant and perfectly suited for any landscape in the harshest conditions caused by wind, water, snow, sun.

Whether you want to craft realistic looking handcrafted trees or bring a heart-warming and magical feel to your commercial landscape design, this Limber Pine Foliage is perfect. It will not only give your space a splash of joy and color but it will also bring the distinct landscape into the foreground and will give you a stunning view.

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