Artificial Plants

Artificial Plants

When your commercial space is full of life, full of healthy and thriving plants, it can say a lot about your Brand. It means you appreciate your customers, and value their continued happiness. It means you have a finger on the pulse of the design world, and aren’t afraid to go big when you go green. And finally, when you use Artificial Plants, it means you know a wise decision when you see it.

Get the best of beauty, durability, and safety with Artificial Plants from Commercial Silk, and explore our collections of plants, grasses, leaves, flowers and branches that help you design your landscape without limitations.

Fire Retardant Plants

Plantscape Commercial Silk is the home of Thermaleaf® inherently fire retardant foliage, which performs better than any other foliage in fire safety tests around the world. Give your green space peace of mind with safe, compliant materials specially formulated for indoor use.


Garlands are useful for wrapping around structural elements, or draping from higher places as a cascading vine. Plantscape Commercial Silk offers several types of replica Garlands so you can supplement your green spaces and planting compositions with foliage that blends right in, and gives the landscape a more organic appeal.

Artificial Hanging Plants

Hanging plants are a great opportunity to incorporate greenery into your space without taking up precious floor space. Hanging plants like English Ivy or colorful Azalea plants are a great way to put greenery right into everyone’s eyeline, and bring their attention to the beauty in your space.

Artificial Outdoor Plants

Plantscape Commercial Silk has a huge selection of foliage options for outdoor use, all using our Permaleaf® material technology. Our specially formulated outdoor foliage has superior UV resistance, so it can hold up to sun, wind, rain and other outdoor conditions without crumbling or losing color.

Shrubs & Bushes

Smaller, versatile plants that can be used for massing, defining pathways, blocking sight or filling planter boxes. Shrubs come in all shapes and sizes, with colorful flower accents or with dense, lush leaves, and range from about ten inches to four feet tall. We offer the widest selection of botanically accurate shrubs and bushes commercially available, with replica plant varieties from all over the world.