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Asparagus Fern Hanging Basket (exterior)ID# FEA414+


Asparagus Fern Hanging Basket (exterior) ID# FEA414+

Asparagus Fern Hanging Basket (exterior)
Asparagus Fern Hanging Basket (exterior)
Asparagus Fern Hanging Basket (exterior)
Asparagus Fern Hanging Basket (exterior)
Asparagus Fern Hanging Basket (exterior)
Asparagus Fern Hanging Basket (exterior)
Hanging Basket Specifications
Hanging basket specifications
Flat iron hanging basket
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  • Starting dimensions 28" (custom dimensions available)
  • Hang-anywhere artificial foliage requires no maintenance
  • Premium outdoor foliage perfectly replicates natural beauty and vibrancy of real leaves
  • Easily swap out displays between seasons
  • Easy to place out of harm's way
  • Versatile hanging placement offers great design potential
  • Foliage: Plastic
Weather-resistant PermaLeaf® materials available.
Available Colors

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A lot of times brands ignore to replicate their unique identity and the idea of their products or services in their décor. A lot of times they try to but the representation does not come across as distinctly as they would like to. Sometimes the addition of even a minimal design element can go a long way in decorating and styling your spaces. And if you are looking for such decorative elements which will get across your concepts and culture, then have a look at our collection of artificial outdoor Asparagus Fern hanging basket. Fun, zealous and functional, if you think that this is what you stand for, then these hanging plants for exterior use are just what you need. A great way to create a trendy, refreshing commercial space, they offer limitless decorating possibilities and will enliven your space.

Everyone needs a stress-free shopping experience, right? Everyone needs a cozy, comfy place to relax and have their coffee or food, right? Everyone needs a soothing, calming place to work at their best, right? So, basically everyone needs a good place to spend their time in. And if you’re looking to create such a space, then here’s something which will help you do so – our outdoor artificial Asparagus Fern Hanging Basket. Featuring dense, lush Asparagus foliage spilling out of a delightful basket, this outdoor artificial Asparagus Fern Basket has a homey, old-school feel about it which will fill every onlooker’s heart with joy.

Measuring 28”, if there is one decorative accent you’re looking to add to your outdoor landscape, then look no further than this silk Asparagus Fern Basket. Classic and timeless, nothing comes better than our outdoor faux Asparagus Fern Hanging Basket when it comes to upgrading the look and feel of a space. They are one of the most eclectic accents which will simply light up any space with their presence. Landscape accents which will give you a stylish, comfy setting, our outdoor fake Asparagus Fern Hanging Basket will be an inspiring presence no matter where you place it.

Available in a range of colors, sizes and styles, we have outdoor hanging baskets which will be highly stylish and eye-catching additions in any setting. Perfectly suited for display in a range of commercial spaces including amusement parks, exotic display rooms, exhibitions, office or corporate buildings, government buildings, retail stores, entertainment facilities, healthcare and hospitality spaces, senior living facilities, casinos, theme parks, airports, colleges and other commercial spaces, our artificial foliage hanging baskets will enliven the setting.

Our faux hanging baskets are fashioned from premium quality material and as such they look extremely lifelike. These outdoor hanging baskets are quite adorable and durable and do not require any sort of heavy upkeep. Just bring them in your commercial landscape and watch them give your space a highly eclectic look.

A wonderful way to impress all your clients and customers with your elegant décor, we have outdoor Asparagus Fern Hanging Baskets which will make your setting absolutely fun and beautiful.

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