Corn Plant Bush ID# CPC#29
Corn Bush | Corn Plant Bush ID# CPC#29
Corn Plant Bush ID# CPC#29
Corn Bush | Corn Plant Bush ID# CPC#29
Corn Plant Bush ID# CPC#29
Corn Plant Bush ID# CPC#29

Corn Bush

ID# CPC#29

Whether this is used as an accent or as a plant all on its own, we highly recommend our artificial Corn Plant Foliage. Consisting of large beautifully variegated leaves, this artificial Corn Plant Foliage will make for a lively and life-like addition in any décor. Measuring 29”, our silk Corn Plant Foliage is perfectly suited for compact spaces, planter arrangements, as ground cover, or set in rows for visual interest. The bright upright corn foliage will stand up to years of use and is versatile enough to use all year round.
No watering, fertilizing, or maintenance. And no mess. These highly durable artificial Corn Plant Foliage are super easy to clean. Bringing nature inside your space to create a biophilic look was never this easy. Accentuate doorways or staircases or create a green shelf or a greenery island in a large space Our faux corn foliage can look great as part of any space, theme or design.
This faux Corn Plant Foliage comes with ThermaLeaf® materials that are used for creating inherently fire-retardant faux plants and trees. They are compatible with a lot of spaces, be it hotels or hospitals. In addition, compliance with fire-safety laws is also easy with ThermaLeaf®. Now you can get greenery with peace of mind. Having faux greenery like these artificial corn plants all over a space, covering fixtures and cables was never this safe.
ThermaLeaf® materials are fused with fire-safe chemicals right from the beginning. Even before molding and processing of the plants and trees begin. Tests show that they perform much better than other fire-safe products that have only been treated with topical chemicals. ThermaLeaf® materials are never in danger of having fire-retardant properties wearing off. Unlike other faux artificial plants out there.

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Height 29''
Foliage Polyester
thermaleaf Available

Product Data Sheet 3-Part Specifications

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