Lace Ivy Vine Plant ID# IVL#24G
Lace Ivy Plant | Lace Ivy Vine Plant ID# IVL#24G
Lace Ivy Vine Plant ID# IVL#24G
Lace Ivy Plant | Lace Ivy Vine Plant ID# IVL#24G
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Lace Ivy Plant


Measuring 24”, our satin Ivy Lace foliage with brilliant green leaves, that light and lively look and feel, like lace in a plant form! Numbering at 215 leaves per foliage spray, this ivy lace is full, boasting of beautiful green tones, true to real life color. Our Ivy lace showcases the meticulous crafted ivy leaves, in a variety of leaf sizes adding depth to the foliage. Versatile in design, allowing this to accent almost any interior design or theme, but perfect for accenting planters, hanging baskets, potted trees, trellis accents and more. Fire resistant and durable, the Ivy Lace will last for years to come with little to no maintenance, trimming or pruning. Also available in a variegated leaf design.
This artificial Lace Ivy plant can easily break the monotony of a monochrome wall. Or use hanging baskets of it to punctuate blank walls above windows and doors. They are also sure to look great in restaurant kitchens that are visible to the public. Again, these are easy to clean and do not hold on to grease and dust much. With no watering, fertilizing, pruning or cutting, this fake Lace Ivy plant is sure to be the best thing to happen to your decor theme.
Our faux Lace Ivy plant comes with the promise of being inherently fire-retardant, thanks to our pioneering Thermaleaf© technology. No topical treatments for this artificial Lace Ivy plant, which might wear off in a few years. All Thermaleaf© materials are infused with fire-retardant chemicals before processing starts. Truly, it is the ultimate in fire-safe foliage.
You can even add in some of the variegated fake Lace Ivy plants with this plain green one for a unique look. If you still can’t find the right way to use these artificial Lace Ivy plants to the benefit of your space, just ask us. We can not only help you with installation ideas but can also customize this faux Lace Ivy plant specifically for your requirements.

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Height 24''
Foliage Polyester
thermaleaf Available

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