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Artificial Topiary Trees for Outdoor & Indoor Use

Full of personality and excitement, our collection of artificial topiary trees combines traditional splendor and chic looks and are known to give a modern twist to any landscape. A great way to freshen up a dull setting, these fake topiaries will bring a sense of rejuvenation and provide warmth to space. With beautiful contrast, smooth texture and lush foliage, our silk topiaries perfectly suited to a large number of environments including shopping malls, airports, pools, hotels, office lobbies, restaurants, and others. Crafted from premium quality material, these faux topiaries look extremely lifelike and do not require continuous maintenance. Durable and active, they will stay in your landscape till times to come and will continue to shine no matter how harsh weather conditions are. An excellent way to add interest and make your space more polished and better, topiaries have a remarkable visual aesthetic which is hard to miss.

Why Buy Artificial Topiary Trees?

  • Vibrant shapes – From cone topiaries to ball topiaries, spiral topiaries to rectangle topiaries, we have one of the largest collections of artificial topiary trees which will make for a fun inclusion in any indoor or outdoor space
  • Year-round appeal – All our silk topiary trees have a highly lively color and vibe and our outdoor topiaries will give you a striking look and feel even in harsh sun, rain, wind or snow
  • Fun and exciting – Our fake topiary trees are incredibly lifelike sculptural elements and will infuse so much energy and excitement in the setting.
  • Always lively – Our faux topiary trees are crafted from premium quality material and as such, they will bring a lively aura to the setting till times to come. Whether indoors or outdoors, they will bring a fresh pop of color and liveliness to your project. 

Why Buy Artificial Topiary Trees from Commercial Silk Int'l?

There are very few elements that can add poise and interest to any outdoor landscape than topiaries. There are very few elements that can shape up a room and bring fresh artsy appeal to the setting than topiaries. They are some of the most fun and highly engaging accents around. And if you ask us, they’re the most essential ingredients in any landscaping project. From adding a welcoming touch to the setting to making any dull space more interesting and attractive, they can do it all. If you’re all set to introduce some in your commercial space, then we highly recommend you check out our unique collection of artificial topiary trees. From outdoor artificial topiary trees to indoor topiaries, we have these elements in a range of shapes, styles, and varieties which will give you a pristine, immaculate landscaping project season after season.

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