Artificial Trees

Artificial Trees

The path to a more controlled and sustainable indoor environment is Artificial Trees. At Commercial Silk, we’re dedicated to delivering authentic experiences that match the presence of the live counterpart. We promise you’ll never tire of seeing people reaching out to touch the leaves and bark just to satisfy their curiosity. Our goal is always to create unique, natural works of art that rise above the impression of “Fake Tree”.

We pride ourselves on the botanical accuracy of our Artificial Trees, detailing every inch to meet its natural design. If you’ve seen a live tree out in the real world that you love, we can #ReplicateThat and integrate it into your commercial space as a Faux Tree that doesn’t need water or sunlight to thrive year over year.

Large Artificial Trees

Imagine a towering oak stretching skyward, with deep-grained bark cascading around gnarled burls in the wood. Visualize the light from above glittering through the high canopy, and hear the soft shuffle of leaves brushing together – in your office atrium. Large Artificial Trees replicated in natural scale create Incredible green experiences that elevate your commercial space to a higher level while keeping your message focused on a greener future.

Evergreen Trees

Gain a whole new understanding of “Evergreen” with long-lasting, durable, and picturesque Ornamental Evergreen Trees. Capture the fresh and crisp essence of the mountains with iconic Long Needle Pine trees, or reproduce the majesty of a massive Sequoia, and bring it directly to where people need it most – in the shared spaces where they live out their daily lives.

Outdoor Trees

With weather-tough, UV resistant Artificial Outdoor Trees, you’ll always reflect a brand exploding with life, growth, and expression regardless of what nature has planned. Our Outdoor Artificial Trees are crafted with incredible detail that makes them indistinguishable from the real thing, bringing even the most exotic, unattainable character to your outdoor space.

Small Trees

Build an environment of calm, focus, and relaxation with Small Artificial Trees that capture the full experience of the outdoors, beautifully detailed, and completely convincing to the body and mind. Bring life and color into your offices or commercial space, and create a restful place where people can breathe easy, and find the focus to be at their most effective.

Topiary Trees

Artificial Topiary Trees give you the opportunity to create a true designer experience – any size, shape, and style is easily within reach with perfectly manicured, always healthy Topiary Trees. Give your commercial space an aesthetic that communicates success and forward-thinking, with masterfully articulated Artificial Topiary Trees.

Tropical Trees

Massive green palm fronds streaking through sunlight sets the stage for luxury and relaxation like no other decor. Artificial Tropical Trees signal a living breathing paradise all around you, urging people to loosen up, and embrace life. Having permanently happy and healthy Artificial Tropical Trees in your commercial space is like planting a beam of sunlight right into the room.

Artificial Indoor Trees

The natural world brings us a sense of belonging, a feeling of well-being, and a beautiful view that never falls out of style. Our Artificial Indoor Trees bring the outside in with an unrivaled experience in authenticity, driven by botanical research and attention to detail. Create an atmosphere that promotes life, beauty, and connects people to the natural world, even when we’re far from it.