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Arboricola Trees - Artificial Trees IndoorID# ATCE72


Arboricola Trees - Artificial Trees Indoor ID# ATCE72

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  • Starting dimensions range from 5'-8' (custom dimensions available)
  • Plastic grow pot base (custom bases available)
  • Hand-selected natural wood trunk delivers unprecedented authenticity
  • Artisan-detailed bark provides convincing natural beauty
  • Botanically accurate, premium foliage with vibrant color and detail
  • Foliage: Polyester
  • Trunk: Wood
Fire-retardant ThermaLeaf® materials available.
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Artificial Arboricola Trees are available as a tree or in a bush form. We can manufacture our artificial Arboricola in a variety of sizes ranging from small bushes (2’-4') to large trees (5'-8’). Custom sizes are also available. Arboricola Trees are ideal for your traditional or park like plantscaping themes. Since silk plants do not require routine plant maintenance, they are great office plants for locations with minimal light or extreme temperatures.

Every season brings excitement with it. It also brings new styles, colors and patterns. But, you cannot keep up with the resources and costs to maintain the styles and colors of every season. You also don’t have to lag behind. Here’s a way to bring year-round interest and color to your commercial property without breaking the bank and without any hassles – by introducing our artificial Arboricola Tree in your landscape. Featuring slender, wavy multiple stems and refreshing burst of foliage on top, our artificial Arboricola Trees will make your entire landscape fresher and better. Standing at a decent 6’, these trees can be used to create a privacy screen, line up the hallway or fill a void in the setting. They will do it by adding a nice, positive touch.

Landscape accents which will refresh and spruce up your setting, these silk Arboricola Trees will provide you endless style options and will light up your setting till times to come. A great way to add fun and cool looks to your commercial landscape design, our faux Arboricola Tree is charming and elegant and will give you a heart-warming setting. Graceful, lively and full of flair, these fake Arboricola Trees have the ability to make any setting or room cool and pleasant. Just bring them in watch them make your space more stylish and effective.

Our Arboricola Trees are ideal for display in a range of commercial spaces including amusement parks, exotic display rooms, exhibitions, office or corporate buildings, government buildings, retail stores, entertainment facilities, healthcare and hospitality spaces, senior living facilities, casinos, theme parks, airports, colleges and other commercial spaces, and will certainly bring happiness and a refreshing ambiance to the setting.

Trees which makes use of the premium quality material, these Arboricola ones are extremely lifelike and do not require constant upkeep. They are long-lasting and highly durable and will make for a highly pleasing display in the setting till times to come.

A perfect option to add appeal to your setting, these Arboricola Trees will make the visitors in your space feel welcomed. You just cannot go wrong with them.

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