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15' Artificial Monterey Pine Bonsai Tree (Indoor)

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15' Artificial Monterey Pine Bonsai Tree (Indoor)
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15' Artificial Monterey Pine Bonsai Tree (Indoor)
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15' Artificial Monterey Pine Bonsai Tree (Indoor)
Trunk Detail
Trunk detail
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MontereyBonsai L
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  • Starting dimensions range from 4'-26' (custom dimensions available)
  • Plastic grow pot base (custom bases available)
  • Trunks cast from moldings of real trees, then finished by skilled craftsmen
  • Artisan-detailed bark delivers unprecedented authenticity
  • Botanically accurate, premium foliage with vibrant color and detail


  • Foliage: PVC
  • Trunk: Lightweight specially formulated sculpting resin
Fire-retardant ThermaLeaf® materials available.
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The silk Monterey Bonsai Pine tree is hand-crafted with the same lifelike features found in real Bonsai trees. With an exotic sculpted single stem shown here at 15’, artificial Monterey Pines can be customized to any height and width to meet a variety of project specifications. The authentic looking Bonsai faux foliage, meanwhile, is fully fire retardant using Commercial Silk Int’l proprietary IFR (Inherently fire retardant) materials. Popular applications for artificial bonsai trees include theme displays and landscaping decoration for malls, hotels, and office buildings.

Introducing color, pattern, style and a relaxing look all at once can be tricky. And this is exactly what makes decorating challenges. However, we at Commercial Silk look to make things easier and fun rather than challenging. And if you’re a business-owner looking to upgrade your commercial landscape design and bring in color, style and serenity all at once, then we have something prefect for you – our artificial Monterey Pine Bonsai Tree. One of the most classic and elegant trees around, they won’t just bring your space together but they will introduce stunning aesthetic which will impress everyone. Crafted based on the features of real Bonsai Trees, these artificial Monterey Pine Bonsai Trees will be without a doubt the most intriguing presence in your business space.

Featuring one of the most gorgeous and stately wooden trunks you’ll ever see with lush foliage atop stems, our exotic silk Monterey Pine Bonsai Tree stands at a stunning 15’ and will be a distinct bonsai in the setting. A great way to bring impact and irresistible charm to the setting, these faux Monterey Pine Bonsai Trees will simply make your space creative and interesting. A unique landscape accent which will beautifully emphasize and enliven your commercial landscape design, just display them and they will soon become your prized style asset.

If you’re looking to upgrade your commercial landscape with minimal fuss and maximum impact, then nothing comes better than our Monterey Bonsai Trees. They will bring irresistible feeling of warmth and coziness in the setting and will delight everyone with their presence.