Artificial Maple Trees

Our Artificial Maple Tree Collection offers variety and color to match your design. The Artificial Sugar Maple comes in brilliant green or fabulous fall colors; the faux Japanese Maple Tree add botanical texture along with the fake Fall Maple Tree. All the fake Maple Trees have size and potting options make this tree the perfect fit for that Maple tree theme.


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Artificial Maple Trees for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Evergreen Trees have become one of the most important design elements which have the ability to transform the look and feel of any space. They don’t just make for a relaxing backdrop but they are brilliant focal points which can light up an average space. And if you’re looking to bring trees in your commercial landscape without any hassles, then our large and giant artificial deciduous trees are exactly what you need. Artificial silk trees which are up to 35 feet tall, if there is anything which will make your business space memorable and special, it is this. Who wouldn’t remember the giant maple tree with adorable fruits on it or the humongous and refreshing tropical Trees all around creating a vacation-feel in the setting? A huge favorite amongst designers, architects, and business owners, our large artificial trees are extremely refined and will bring chic looks to the setting.

Order Your Silk Maple Trees Now!

If you’re working or planning on some special theme or landscape and have unique tree requirements, then do let us know. Our team will create custom artificial maple Trees exclusively for your commercial landscaping project. Crafted from premium quality material, our artificial maple trees have an incredibly lifelike appearance. Highly long lasting, durable, practical accents, these fake trees do not require constant maintenance and will bring loads of interest and style to the setting. They will be striking additions to any landscape and will give you an exhilarating, pleasing setting season after season. To order your artificial maple trees now, contact us.