Artificial Sequoia Trees

Our Artificial Sequoia and Artificial Redwood Trees will capture your enthusiasm for trails and parks. We offer a faux Ancient Sequoia Tree; Sequoia Trees for the outdoors and smaller Sequoia Trees to add that majesty even in smaller commercial spaces. Check out all of our fake Sequoia Trees and you will see the real thing!


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Sequoia trees are some of the largest, widest and oldest trees in the world. They are absolute phenomenons of the natural world are quite simply majestic. If you’re looking to bring these exquisite trees in your commercial space, then have a look at our striking collection of artificial Sequoia and artificial Redwood Trees. Whether you’re trying to create a wilderness theme or you’re looking for a spectacular presence to create an entire landscape or theme around, these Sequoia artificial trees are ideal. Elements which will add delightful height and charm to your theme or landscape design, these tall artificial trees will be an eye-catching presence in the setting season after season.

Breath-taking, lifelike replicas which will help you craft an engaging, striking landscape design without any fuss, we have faux Redwood and Sequoia Trees which will give you a highly picturesque setting. Trees which will bring so much flair and drama to your landscaping project, our fake Redwood and Sequoia will be absolute stars of your commercial space till times to come. Accents which will give you a picturesque display, these artificial evergreen trees will make a striking statement in the setting.

Where to buy artificial Sequoia and Redwood Trees?

At Commercial Silk Intl’, we have some of the most realistic fake Sequoia and Redwood Trees which will bring interest and charm to the setting. Available in a range of sizes, styles and materials, these Sequoia artificial Christmas Trees will give you a pleasing design in no time. So, go ahead and bring these iconic trees in your theme or landscape. We assure you that they will give you scenic, picturesque views till times to come.

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