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Trees have become one of the most important design elements which have the ability to transform the look and feel of any space. They don’t just make for a relaxing backdrop but they are brilliant focal points which can light up any average space. And if you’re looking to bring trees in your commercial landscape without any hassles, then our large and giant artificial trees are exactly what you need. Trees which are up to 35 feet tall, if there is anything which will make your business space memorable and special, it is this. Who wouldn’t remember the giant Apple tree with adorable fruits on it or the humongous and refreshing Palm Trees all around creating a vacation-feel in the setting? A huge favorite amongst designers, architects and business-owners, our large artificial trees are extremely refined and will bring chic looks to the setting.

Whether you have a fancy hangout space in your commercial property or an extremely formal landscape, there is something about our unfussy, charming and gigantic silk trees that makes them home no matter where you place them. Landscape accents which can capture the eye and bring delightful focus in any setting, these large faux trees will define your setting in the most gorgeous way. No matter where you place them, our giant fake trees will never be out of sight – due to their size and their gorgeous style.

Perfect for display in large spaces, our faux trees are suited to office or corporate buildings, government buildings, retail stores, entertainment facilities, healthcare and hospitality spaces, senior living facilities, casinos, theme parks, airports, colleges and other commercial spaces and will make a grand statement in the setting.

All our artificial trees make use of premium quality material which makes them look highly realistic in appearance and feel. They are quite unique, refreshing and highly durable and do not require ongoing maintenance. Just give them a space in your setting and watch them be a striking presence till times to come. Crafted using our innovative technology, no matter how harsh the weather conditions get our faux trees will be a standout presence. Combining UV blocking with strong colorfast pigments, they are inherently fade resistant and perfectly suited for any outdoor space in the harshest conditions caused by wind, water, snow, sun.

If you’re looking to create a highly distinct and standout commercial property, then it has to feature our large artificial trees in it. Not only will they give you a picturesque setting but their grand look and feel will always be vivid among your visitors.