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20' Preserved Fan Palm Tree (Indoor) ID# PFNX20

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20' Preserved Fan Palm Tree (Indoor)
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20' Preserved Fan Palm Tree (Indoor)
Fan Palm Preserved 20ft(1) L
20' Preserved Fan Palm Tree (Indoor)
1346 2
1346 3
Fan Palm Preserved 20ft(1) L
Fan Palm Preserved 20ft(2) L

The impressive Artificial Preserved Fan Palm stands up to 20’ feet tall with striking silk fans of palm arching from the top. The trunk and bark are made with real wood, giving texture and authenticity to this tropical Fan Palm, reminiscent of a relaxing day on the Mexican coast or a Hawaiian paradise. The faux Fan Palms are perfect for commercial landscapes looking for a majestic tree, with tropical flair and grace. Hotels, indoor parks and shopping malls are just a few of the clients we have displaying the grandness of the Artificial Fan Palm Tree. Available in multiples sizes, our artisans will craft the perfect Fan Palm Tree for you.



  • Starting dimensions range from 8'-40' (custom dimensions available)
  • Steel base plate (custom bases available)
  • Hand-selected natural wood trunk delivers unprecedented authenticity
  • Artisan-detailed bark provides convincing natural beauty
  • Preserved fronds deliver authentic tropical experience


  • Foliage: Preserved
  • Trunk: Wood
Fire-retardant ThermaLeaf® materials available.
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Preserved Fan Palm Tree is one of our many silk palms that are manufactured for commercial landscapes. This fan palm stands 20' tall but we can also fabricate this tree in a variety of sizes. Our Fan Palms are used for indoor landscaping around the globe in hotels, malls, office buildings and casinos. Our Fan Palms add realism to artificial landscapes, and our maintenance-free artificial indoor palm trees are used to create tropical and jungle themes to many commercial projects.

Do you live in a space where winters drag on forever giving you dark, bland interior space? Or is your commercial space in a perpetual disheartening state for reasons you can’t seem to find? No matter what, artificial foliage works fantastically well in any interior space giving you a highly pleasant, chic space full of energetic vibes season after season. And if you’re looking for the perfect greenery for you landscape or theme, then we have something exciting for you – our Preserved Fan Palm Tree. Featuring a single yet highly stately trunk giving rise to a spurt of refreshing dense foliage arching outwards, our Preserved Fan Palm Tree will make everyone in the vicinity feel like they are on a tropical vacation.

Standing at a whooping 20’, our Preserved Fan Palm Tree will add realism and a tropical touch to your theme or landscape with great effect. Landscape accents which will spark life into your interior space without huge costs and much hassle, we have silk Fan Palm Trees which will instill prefect personality into the setting till times to come. A great way to create a dreamy, magical space on a budget, these faux Fan Palm Trees will bring a lot of character to the setting and make a delightful transformation. Available in a range of forms, sizes and styles, we have fake Fan Palm Trees which will be highly exciting and striking additions in any setting.