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Pine Tree Cell Phone Tower Fake (Outdoor) ID# PCTXM3+

pine tree tower
Pine Tree Cell Phone Tower Fake (Outdoor)
cell tower fake tree
Pine Tree Cell Phone Tower Fake (Outdoor)
cell tower pine tree
Pine Tree Cell Phone Tower Fake (Outdoor)
pine tree tower
cell tower fake tree
cell tower pine tree
cell tower pine foliage

Do you have a utility pole or cell tower or another structure on your property that you would like to disguise or simply beautify a bit? We offer pine tree greenery, custom sized and fitted, to install on existing structures. Whether you just want the structure or pole to blend in with your existing landscape or to create landscape out of something that doesn't have any existing appeal, we can work with you to create the ideal visual design. Use our weather and fade resistant Pine boughs to beautify your exterior structures. Contact one of our consultants for assistance and custom orders.


  • Starting dimensions range from 4'-40' (custom dimensions available)
  • Plastic grow pot base (custom bases available)
  • Trunks cast from moldings of real trees, then finished by skilled craftsmen
  • Artisan-detailed bark delivers unprecedented authenticity
  • Botanically accurate, premium outdoor foliage with vibrant color and detail
  • Low maintenance; no trimming, watering or fertilizing


  • Foliage: PVC
  • Trunk: Lightweight specially formulated sculpting resin
Weather-resistant PermaLeaf® materials available.
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