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18' Artificial Banyan Umbrella Tree (Indoor) ID# BANCY3

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18' Artificial Banyan Umbrella Tree (Indoor)
1152 3
18' Artificial Banyan Umbrella Tree (Indoor)
banyan umbrella tree L
18' Artificial Banyan Umbrella Tree (Indoor)
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1152 3
banyan umbrella tree L
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The Banyan Tree is part of the Fig Family of trees and is a native of India and is the national tree of India. Our Artificial Banyan Tree crafted in the Umbrella tree formation is remarkable in its design, and strongly resembles the Banyan Tree in the wild. Crafted into an umbrella shape, the faux Giant Banyan foliage is a bright medium green and the limbs are ideal for hanging fake indoor plants, lights or lanterns to add charm. These trees will help to balance out the natural toned commercial space and landscape. Consider the Artificial Banyan Tree to add a little height to your space by placing it at the center, or to introduce an inviting feel and warm tones to the setting.


  • Starting dimensions range from 6'-24' (custom dimensions available)
  • Plastic grow pot base (custom bases available)
  • Trunks cast from moldings of real trees, then finished by skilled craftsmen
  • Artisan-detailed bark delivers unprecedented authenticity
  • Botanically accurate, premium foliage with vibrant color and detail


  • Foliage: Polyester
  • Trunk: Lightweight specially formulated sculpting resin
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Artificial Banyan Umbrella Tree manufactured with our Artificial Giant Banyan foliage is designed to be a replica of the Banyan Tree variety. With its umbrella-like shape, it makes a perfect addition to any retail space.

As a business, you should strive to make the entire experience memorable for your customers, clients and even employees. From making the walk from your entrance to the main area or even in the reception or indoor space, you should make it graceful and pleasant. And if you’re looking for ideas to this, then we have something exciting and perfect for you – our selection of artificial Banyan Umbrella Tree. Featuring lush, refreshing canopy foliage supported by a stately stem, our artificial Banyan Umbrella Tree looks like a beautiful, naturesque umbrella which will make a beautiful impression on everyone. Standing at a whooping 18’, these artificial evergreen trees are perfectly sculpted and will create a memorable landscape.

Landscape accents which will turn your oft-neglected landscape area or your average setting into a spectacular setting, these silk Banyan Umbrella Trees will add a touch of grandeur and delight to the setting. A great way to boost the appeal of your commercial landscape design, our faux Banyan Umbrella Tree will fit right in and will become an instant favorite. Whether you’re looking to fill a void in the setting, want to add a focal point to the landscape or just want to add refreshing color to it, these fake Banyan Umbrella Trees are perfect.

These faux trees make use of high-quality material which makes them look absolutely lifelike and long-lasting. Our Banyan Umbrella Tree is highly pleasant and durable and does not require any sort of constant upkeep. If you’re looking to bring an intriguing look in your business space, then all you need is this tree collection. One of the most spectacular design elements around, these Banyan Umbrella Trees fit in beautifully in any theme, landscape or décor style. No matter where you place them, they will add their splendid beauty to the setting till times to come.