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Cypress Spiral ShrubID# P7203PS


Cypress Spiral Shrub ID# P7203PS

Cypress Spiral Shrub
Cypress Spiral Shrub
Cypress Spiral Shrub
Cypress Spiral Shrub
Cypress Spiral Shrub
Cypress Spiral Shrub
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Photo 1
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  • Also available in additional sizes; 6', 8', 10' (custom dimensions available)
  • Plastic grow pot base (custom bases available)
  • Botanically correct foliage veining and coloration creates vibrant, authentic appeal
  • Indistinguishable among real plants
  • Carefully researched lifelike appearance
  • Foliage: Plastic
Weather-resistant PermaLeaf® materials available.
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Artificial Cypress Spiral Shrub is an exterior grade cypress topiary tree shrub, manufactured with UV inhibited cypress foliage. It's ideal for exterior landscaping for restaurants, storefronts, hotels and much more. Whether its your commercial property or residential space, the decorative elements you choose, don’t just define your space but they define your personality. And if you’re looking to bring design elements which will bring character and fun to your business space, then we have something for you – our collection of bold and whimsical artificial Cypress Spiral Shrubs. A great way to create an impactful and attention-grabbing commercial landscape, our artificial Cypress Spiral Shrubs will capture the eye of your visitors no matter where you place them. Highly stately and striking, if you want to introduce your guests to a modern world of style and magical ambiance, then nothing comes better than these Cypress Shrubs.

Whether you’re looking to design a space for focus and function or want to create one which is relaxed and cool, these silk Cypress Spiral Shrubs are ideal. A great way to spur creativity in any mundane commercial landscape, they are sure to bring some fun in the setting. Our faux Cypress Spiral Shrubs are ideal for display in office or commercial buildings, hospitality or healthcare spaces, retail or senior living facilities, entertainment centers or casinos, airports or colleges and will create an incredibly interesting design space. Our collection of fake Cypress Spiral Shrubs scream elegance and fun and is sure to bring playfulness in your business space. Their whimsical and bold shape will take your commercial landscape to the next level and make for a striking addition to any space.

Our Cypress Spiral Shrubs are crafted using premium quality material and as such they have an extremely lifelike appearance. Eye-catching yet highly durable, they do not require constant maintenance and will make a lasting impression in your setting. Our faux shrubs also make use of our innovative technology which combines UV blocking with strong colorfast pigments. This makes our Cypress Spiral Shrubs inherently fade resistant and means that you can use them outdoors without worrying about the color loss due to sun, wind, water or snow.

If you are a fun business space who gets a similar demographic as visitors, then our Cypress Spiral Shrubs are just perfect for you. These bold accessories will surely reflect your style and appeal to everyone’s senses. Full of life and an energetic persona defines our shrubs which can spice up any landscape design with their versatility and charm.

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