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Giant Tree Stump Playhut Tunnel ID# OKRU4232C

Giant Tree Stump Playhut Tunnel
StumpCrawl OKRU4232C L
Giant Tree Stump Playhut Tunnel
Crawl Through Stump Front View
Crawl through stump front view
Crawl Through Stump 3/4 Front View
Crawl through stump 3/4 front view
Crawl Through Stump Profile View
Crawl through stump profile view
Bark Close Up
Bark close up
Stump Close Up
Stump close up
Bark Detail
Bark detail
Optional signage
StumpCrawl OKRU4232C L
Crawl Through Stump 14228(1) L
Crawl Through Stump 14228(2) L
Crawl Through Stump 14228(3) L
Crawl Through Stump 14228(4) L
Crawl Through Stump 14228(5) L
stumpgiant detail m 1909734785
stumpsign detail m 554906971

Are you are looking to add a fun and playful elements in your woodsy or forest or scene? If so, consider adding Giant Tree Stump with the playhut tunnel! Kids young and old will love this natural looking tunnel tree stump, designed for fun with childrens themes in mind. Perfect for indoor play areas, themed restaurants, indoor gardens and parks. Available in a variety of sizes, the Tree Stump Tunnel adds charm and character as well as a functional playground equipment. Artisan crafted to look exactly like a natural tree stumps, full of texture and style, these tree “remnants” live on with playful purpose. Each stump is colored perfectly to look botanically accurate and designed to replicate a number of tree varieties. We have a great selection of tree stumps for you to choose your tree accent. Attractive, durable and customizable….these are wonderful and fun features!


  • Starting dimensions range from 2'-8' (custom dimensions available)
  • Trendy & fashionable selection of branches
  • Low maintenance displays
  • Real preserved natural wood branches
  • Custom containers for decorative expression
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