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Large Dog House Tree StumpID# OKRU4232D


Large Dog House Tree Stump ID# OKRU4232D

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Photo 1
  • Starting dimensions range from 2'-8' (custom dimensions available)
  • Trendy & fashionable selection of branches
  • Low maintenance displays
  • Real preserved natural wood branches
  • Custom containers for decorative expression
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We know how much your pooch makes you happy day in and day out. For you, he/she is one of the sources of happiness, but for them you are the only source of happiness. So, why not bring them something which will give them a whole lot of joy? And if you’re really looking to return the favor, then here is something which will make your dog’s tail wag – our Large Dog House Tree Stump. A truly one-of-a-kind extra large and unique dog house for your pup, this tree stump will be an adorable home for your dog which will keep him safe and happy. A custom indoor dog house made from urethane, it has a big opening which is 32” high and 21” wide for your dog to enter and make himself at home. A delightful Tree Stump which will not just prove to be a safe and fun haven for your dog but a wonderful decorative element in your yard, this Dog House is something you and your dog both will enjoy it. Our Large Dog House Tree Stump is a unique one which will be perfect in terms of function and beauty, it will satisfy your pooch’s natural need to den. Dog owners make every design choice keeping in mind about how their lovable pet will work with it, and when it comes to this house can be absolutely assured that he/she will take to it positively. It will be your dog’s favorite lounging spot.

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