artificial olive tree

The decorative Olive tree and branch items can provide essential and artful design touch for indoor or outdoor projects. Olive trees, of course, are the source of Olive oil, a staple in kitchens throughout the world. As such, the elements of Olive trees and branches can provide a familiar look and feel while suggesting hints of the Mediterranean.

Azalea Bonsai Flowering

Bonsai is an authentic piece of Japanese art and culture. Bonsai simply means a potted tree and thus, the miniature tree is potted in a low sided planter. The miniature tree is a symbol of harmony between man and nature. It is the beauty of Bonsai that makes you get lost in the arms of mother nature. The only issue in owning a real bonsai is the tedious work that it takes to maintain, and that’s where we step in. At Commercial Silk, we have a wide range of premium grade artificial bonsai trees that require zero maintenance.

wood column covers

If you’re an interior designer or architect looking to improve a commercial space, you’ve likely run into obtrusive columns or posts. They block site lines, pose troubling configuration issues, and often look downright ugly. Too bad they can’t just be torn down, right? Seeing as how columns provide the support that keeps buildings upright, this probably isn’t a good idea in most cases. That’s where a decorative column cover or a beautiful faux wood post wrap comes in handy.

Artificial Trees and Plants for Outside Use

Outdoor Artificial Plants and Trees

An outdoor landscape of a commercial space featuring colorful flowers and refreshing plants greeting you as you walk in will cheer you up, wouldn’t it? Or a barren landscape devoid of any color or charm will appeal to the masses? Obviously, the former. That’s the beauty of greenery. It welcome you. It excites you. It makes any space feel special. But it’s also a lot of work to create such a flourishing landscape. And this is the reason most businesses opt for outdoor artificial flowers and plants. They create a beautiful display all-year round without any extensive efforts or costs. They also make a beautiful statement to the outside world and welcomes people in. If you’re looking to bring a refreshing jolt of color to your outdoor landscaping project, then outdoor artificial plants and trees is the best way to go. 

cactus barrel L

Fake cactus plants and flowers can add a splash of color and personality to desert landscape arrangements for both indoor and outdoor applications, especially when combined with other enchanting desert elements like sand, withered tree branches, and old rocks shaped and scarred by ancient flowing rivers.

Interior Design With Artificial Plants Trees

Interior Design With Artificial Plants & Trees

Whether you’re a big corporate headquarters or a small retail store, a large hotel chain or a theme restaurant, every space can do with some artificial greenery for interior decoration. No matter how big or small your space is or what your décor design scheme is, there are artificial flowers and plants that will blend in beautifully in your space and upgrade it instantly. From palm trees which can help you in creating a breezy tropical or coastal theme to Mediterranean style themes which can make use of colorful Orchids and other floral arrangements, Victorian themed spaces which can make use of bonsai trees and topiaries to desert theme which can feature gorgeous cactus and succulents, faux plants and trees can totally transform the look and feel of a space in no time. They help in setting the perfect mood in the setting. And they will do all this without any hassles.

Csilk artificial plants and trees

Artificial Outdoor Landscaping

Plants and trees bring so much joy and calm to any space. They’re highly essential for commercial spaces which are getting busier and more stressful each passing day. From offices to shopping malls, universities to hotels, restaurants to airports, every commercial space is marked by chaos. You need to bring in elements that bring a soothing feel to the setting. And what better than plants and trees to do so? But here’s a caveat – Greenery requires a lot of ongoing maintenance and resources which are quite precious if you’re a business space. Watering, fertilizing, pruning, the list goes on and on. Plus you need a dedicated team to do so. And not-to-forget the downtime your business has to face in case of major maintenance requirements.

landscaping problems and solutions


Landscape Design Problems

Let’s face it. Landscaping large commercial projects take a lot of planning, creativity and of course budget. Be it a shopping mall or an office space, the first impression matters. A lot. You can’t leave a corner empty or have a boring entrance. Remember, the saying “first impression is the last impression”? Well, it fits perfectly when it comes to landscaping of large commercial spaces where you have a large number of visitors every day. Adding a few greeneries in your landscape not only makes it look serene but give a feeling of closeness to nature. Adding large artificial trees is the perfect way to deck up your business premises. So, now that you’re convinced and want to add a few pieces of greeneries in your commercial project, the next important question is how to select a premium quality large artificial silk tree.

ficus benjamina tree

Ficus is one of the most well known tropical plants and this detailed report summarizes the common ficus names, a general description of the Ficus genus, the geography of the ficus variety, uses and types of artificial ficus.

English Ivy Mat Foliage

Fake Ivy plants, including leaves, vines, walls, and garlands, make for excellent decorative materials for interior and exterior landscaping. Ivy can be used on almost anything, making for versatile design accessories that can be wrapped around poles, affixed to walls, made into privacy screens and cabanas, and more. Fake Ivy has been used as decoration in hotels, office buildings, and hospitals, to name a few, and continues to be a reliable option as more varieties of Ivy are replicated by manufacturers.

Most people love the idea of working in a lush green environment in the heart of nature.

Does your office desk look dull and empty? A touch of green can definitely do wonders for you.

There's no denying that touch of greenery adds instant brightness to any home. Unless you're a gardening enthusiast with enough time on your hands, however, you're unlikely to be able to maintain a herbaceous garden or multiple vases of flowers without them wilting after a while. Enter artificial plants, an easily available décor item that can be displayed anywhere, requires little maintenance and can be hard to tell apart from the real deal! Botanical purists may sneer, of course, saying that there's no substitute for real flowers and plants. But to the busy householder who still wants an attractive home, faux foliage is a gift from décor heaven! Still skeptical? Read on to see exactly why you should opt for artificial plants and trees to brighten up your house.

An artistically and lavishing decorated area not only makes for a fining dining and exciting place, but it is also loved by visitors and customers alike.

No matter how much you resent it, doctor visits are an undeniable part of your life. A pleasant doctor is not a good enough reason for you to grin and bear with the unpleasant clinic atmosphere. Sometimes, it's not the doctor who is unnerving, but it can be the quintessential clinics which make the trip even more resentful. All you need is to make the place more pleasant, genial and patient-friendly.

Whether you're working out of a small office or have an entire building of your own, there's no denying that a visually appealing office space goes a long way in impressing visitors and clients and keeping your employees motivated. There are numerous ways to revamp your business premises – faux plants, however, are one of the best solutions when it comes to creating a pleasant environment while maintaining a professional feel. The chief advantage of faux plants is that they don't wilt or fade, so your interiors will stay green and blooming all year round. And with the infinite varieties of artificial plants and trees available, you can easily find something to suit your taste and budget. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind when investing in office planting.

Spa! The word itself sounds relaxing. A spa is a perfect escape from the world's hullabaloo. It is the best way to shun the urbanite in you. A spa appointment is highly recommended every once in a while to attain a hale and healthy state of mind. There is a conspicuous increase in spa salons in the past few years owing to its health benefits and mind-rejuvenating powers. Make your spa the epitome of tranquility and serenity.

‘First impression is the last impression', they say. No matter what business it is, pulling off footfall is one of the major tasks for retailers. We list so many things to make our products better. However, not many understand the concept of sharpening the looks of the stores where you sell them. Here are some decor ideas to make your store look stylish and contemporary which might boost the business-

If you have a lovely garden full of vibrant plants and flowers, you would probably understand the painstaking process of keeping invasive plants under control. These plants grow out of nowhere and spread like wildfire with in no time. They start competing for resources and eventually ends up displacing your beloved plants.

Organizing a university freshers' welcome party is a hefty job. You'll have the responsibility of organizing the venue, the music, food and handle a ton of students making the process hectic and absolutely dreadful. One of the most important and primary decision to be made for a freshers party is to decide the theme. The invites, posters, and student outfits would be decided on this one factor. Deciding on a theme will give you a lead on the decor of the complex making it easier to make further decisions.

The visual appeal of a store has a lot of influence on how much it is successful commercially. People tend to get attracted by a store on the basis of how it looks and enter only if it grabs their attention. Therefore, it is essential for retail stores to be strategic about how to utilize their space and decorate it in such a way that it allures the customers from the first look. If planned properly, decor can have a massive effect and can even double your customer footfall.

Artificial plants and trees are quite a trend nowadays. They are sturdy and easy to maintain, come in various shapes and kinds, do not fade away quickly and can withstand the harsh outdoor weather. Wow; that's an irresistible deal. What's more, they are UV protected and heat and water resistant. They do not need high maintenance and add up to the aesthetic value of your lawn, portico or outdoor space.

This summer is all about fresh colors and hottest trends. It’s spring, and we are going to welcome the sunny days with some new and innovative ideas about decorating the front porches, gardens, and patios.

Are you looking for a modern workplace or a happier environment for your workforce? Balanced and comprehensive office design is your answer.

Flipping through a stack of garden magazines hoping to make your garden comparable to those in the magazine? Stop flipping through the magazines and swing into action. Either you are starting from scratch or just renovating your garden, these products are sure to turn your garden into an earthly paradise.

Startups are taking over like never before. And to compete with other major brands, these companies have to think and act creatively in all aspects. One such major area is the office decor.

Does your hallway look really dull and boring? Does it scream for your attention all the time? If yes, then, you must look for ways to deck up your hall. A hallway is in most cases a neglected area of the house, and people just forget about decorating it when remodeling their other rooms like the bedroom, dining room, living room as well as bathrooms. It has become the passageway that dwellers simply use to travel to the other so-called vital rooms. But, now, with the 9 way shown below, you can transform the very appearance of your hallway and make it look chic.

Changing the home decor for matching with the season is no less than a hassle. So you can decorate your house in an easy way by using affordable and simple things. The main aim of decorating the home will be to make it look cozy. It is not always important to drench your home in orange color and try something new. There are several places where you can get a great idea about designing the interior. So 9 hacks that you can try for decorating your house during the fall season are stated below:

We're all familiar with the famous quote “the first impression is the last impression.” First impressions do hold a lot of weight when it comes to your house too. And your home is an image of you.

Over the years, cement and concrete have been associated with sturdy basement, foundation, and garage. But in recent days, there has been a rise in the use of cement for interiors – ‘The Cement Trend.’ The grainy and rough texture of concrete and the flexibility of users have made it the option that many designers choose to work with. Ranging from concrete tile, bathtubs to candle stand – concrete is showing up everywhere. More people are choosing concrete because it creates a neutral background to work with and its ease in maintenance.

Books have always been our best Friends for life; they are the best companions and are capable of killing boredom and keeping loneliness at bay. For some of us, they help us to catch back our long lost sleep and make us doze on the couch within the first few pages. But is that all? We have long decorated our walls, coffee table and shelves with artificial flowers and artificial trees; let us see how we could transform this stereotyped décor with books, here.

First-time homeowners are lucky in the sense they can start home décor from scratch. They know their budget very well which enables them to décor accordingly. Yet, careful planning and knowing the latest trend design in home décor is a must to achieve a cozy home. With a variety of choices available in the market, one can choose the appropriate style for home décor. This discussion which gives various tips for home décor should help immensely for the homeowner to design a perfect home.

With the increasing population and the increase in the prices of land, small houses and apartment renting is the only available possibility. In spite of less spacing and small bedrooms and drawing rooms, there are opportunities to decorate the rooms in a structured and beautiful manner which shall provide the best living experiences. The modernized version of a bedroom portrays a sitting space with couches and sofas, a study table with comforting chairs, a tea table, etc. but, we should not forget that the actual motive of a bedroom is to relax and spent a leisurely time. Hence, one does not need to extra furnishing for making the room look good and up to the mark. Small bedrooms are in many cases found to be beneficial. They do not permit space for television and other electronics like computers. Hence, one needs to go out to other rooms for watching the tv or acquiring internet connections. This is healthier as one can waste less time in becoming addicted to television or the computer. The bedroom shall then only be utilized for sleeping.

To have a home which is simple and spacious without looking cluttered is attractive and appealing to all of us. These surroundings would be roomy, with lesser things to clean and organize and life would be less stressful. The question which haunts everyone is - How to go about it and where should they begin from?

The living room is the most important room in the house. Anybody who comes to your home enters the living room first. Everybody spend some quality time in the living room. So, we need to take good care of the outlook of the living room. It is possible to make your living room look trendy and luxurious. There are some must-haves for the luxurious appeal.

Generally, faux floral arrangements are an innovative idea for both interiors as well as exterior to bring a natural atmosphere. But these artificial décor elements can also be used for the bathroom to take it close to nature and give a pleasant feeling for the guests. Faux plants can be easily installed in the bath area to the delight of one’s customers. Experts in faux plants with the help of advanced architectural ideas can make the bath area a hub of heaven. They are non-toxic which makes it an added advantage to the customer and hotelier.

Living in a small space always pushes you to think about placing things in the right place. It is a challenging job to neither decorate nor furnish small space as it requires appropriate planning. Living in a small space requires imagination, care and thought to turn the space into a trendy one. There are many options available to decorate interiors such as artificial plants, décor items, themed stuff and more. Let’s run through mistakes to be avoided while living in a small space.

Bathroom layout planning is more important than you think. Most of the people focus on the decoration part and miss out on significant layout hacks creating a beautiful yet dysfunctional bathroom. Before getting into other things, layout planning is very important. You need to have a good estimate of the area of your bathroom depending on which you decide on the elements that can go in your bathroom and the elements that cannot go in your bathroom. Once you are set with this, following are the tips and tricks that help you with the not to do list.

No matter if you run a small office, or a massive corporate house, you need to have well-decorated interiors for enhancing the functions of the office, and for improving the performance of the employees as well. While an office exterior helps to influence the crowd to step into the office, interior decoration helps to make it professional, impress the clients, inspire problem-solving, hide imperfections, boost up the employee morale and conveys the quality and class you maintain.

No doubt good food and excellent customer service play an important role in making a restaurant favorite of everyone, but besides these things, the Ambience of a restaurant also matters a lot. Customers can only enjoy your delicious food if they have been given an excellent atmosphere to sit and dine. The design of a restaurant sets the base for giving an outstanding experience to the customers. The beautiful color scheme, combination of lighting, furniture, decor, music, as well as other accessories, have the power to uplift the moods of the customers and give a unique dining experience that they ever have.

If we tell you to stay at home for some months and work continuously, you would get bored of the same environment and will look for some change. This is a general human tendency. We tend to get bored of the same environment and crave for changes. Researchers have shown that changing the work environment at regular intervals has improved the work quality of the employees, ultimately resulting in the progress of the company. With this we don’t mean that you would have to renovate your office completely, you can make little changes that give a significant impact to the vibes of your workspace. It is always good to stay in touch with the updates of the world, right? This is why, we have collected some beautiful ways to change the ambiance of your office, keeping in mind the current trends in the interior designing world.

Tis the Season. Santa is making arrangements to visit and give out tons of gifts. Okay, so believes all of the children around the world, well almost and so do many adults too. Though Papa Noel is still a few weeks away, getting ready to welcome him and the spirit of Christmas has already begun. If you are in the northern hemisphere, the cold in the air is welcoming, and if you live in the other half, the warm summer air is an indicator of the good times too.

Christmas is nearing. It is Merry Christmas atmosphere everywhere. Everything and every place are made to look unique and beautiful. There is going to be a lot of shopping and roaming on the city streets. So, this is the time you need to make your store look different than the previous occasions. Not just that, you need to make it look unique. To make it look unique the décor for the Christmas of the store has to be different from others.

The first priority in the management system should always be given to safety management. The safety provided by the company keeps the employees calm and relaxed. This helps them to focus on their work and the productivity of the company. You can always plan a good safety system for your office whether it is small or large. There has to be a team of dedicated people to manage the safety and security department. It is essential to keep your workspace safe with facilities management. Use the old and new best practices to safeguard your office.

Looking to redecorate your office and give it a classy, elegant and corporate charm? Then the gorgeous artificial landscaping products offered by Commercial Silk Int'l are just the interior decorative products that you need. Here’s everything you require to know about them:

artificial plants

The use of artificial plants, silk trees, and fake plants in Singapore continues to grow in popularity. Singapore is one of the most ambitious countries in the world and continues to attract substantial local and foreign investments. Some of the most significant investments have been in the form of creating entertainment destinations to attract local and international tourism.

outdoor artificial plants

Outdoor artificial plant solutions can make updating your commercial exterior to reflect the seasons a simple and easy process. Outside of being easy to maintain, artificial plants add color year-round, eliminate watering, pruning, and fertilizing costs, are great for locations where growing live plants is difficult, and can create exciting and character-adding themes.

ArtificialMossBalls L

Faux Moss plant balls, rocks, sheets, and grass are replications of the natural Moss found on forest floors, on rocks near streams, on tree trunks, and many other surfaces in shady and moist environs. Mosses are typically thought of as complementary faux plants and can be used as savvy design touches for projects featuring artificial plants and trees.

palm trees

The history of Palm trees and people can be traced back to early civilizations when Palms were grown in Mesopotamia over 5000 years ago. Known for providing high fuel fruit, shade from the desert sun, and the material for constructing tools, the Date Palm is often credited for playing a significant role in the proliferation of the human population.

trade show booth design

Trade show designers and exhibitors have turned to artificial plants and trees recently, sprucing up (no pun intended) their booths while streamlining logistics. It makes sense: you put countless hours into the design, ship it out, set it up, wear out your shoes and jaw standing and talking for three days, pack it up, and send it off to the next one. You better be efficient, and you better have a design that stands out from your competitors' next door. Silk Tree Booth Design

pool area outdoor artificial palm trees

When you hear the words ‘palm trees,' the one thought that probably crosses your mind is a beautiful coastal or tropical place with clear blue skies and bright sunshine. However, did you know that besides being found in your favorite vacation spot, palm trees also have a significant number of benefits to them, Surprised? But it's true. Installing fake palm trees in the surroundings are beneficial for a plethora of reasons. Although most people are unaware of these excellent benefits, they do in reality exist and can be a real delight. Today we will discuss the various benefits of palm trees.

faux Birch Logs

Faux birch logs, faux birch bark, and faux birch branches make for excellent decorative touches, especially during the holidays when birch ornamentation is so popular. Since faux birch materials are generally made from silk, they can be re-used year after year, resulting in a dependable, long term supply of decorations that stimulate holiday cheer.

variety of artificial pine trees

Pine is one of the most widely used genus of plants commercially and this detailed report highlights features & characteristics of the pine including common names, description, geography, uses and types of artificial pine.

faux lemon tree

Decorative artificial citrus trees and fake lemon and orange tree products can make for a convincing theme in almost any commercial environment. Citrus trees and plants have long made a majestic impression on many who come across them, yet they are unusually hard to care for. Faux citrus trees, when produced by a reputable manufacturer, make lemon, orange, and grapefruit trees available globally year long.