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wood column covers

If you’re an interior designer or architect looking to improve a commercial space, you’ve likely run into obtrusive columns or posts. They block site lines, pose troubling configuration issues, and often look downright ugly. Too bad they can’t just be torn down, right? Seeing as how columns provide the support that keeps buildings upright, this probably isn’t a good idea in most cases. That’s where a decorative column cover or a beautiful faux wood post wrap comes in handy.

What are Decorative Wood Column Covers?

Most structural columns are made using sturdy, but unattractive materials like concrete or steel, which makes them durable but an absolute eyesore. They’re great when it comes to functionality but won’t win you points for grace and appeal. From a design point of view, they fail to flatter. Faux wood beams are hollow containers which will surround your columns and give them a beautiful, attractive look. These are simple yet great design options which will bring a bit of rustic look to your unappealing columns and style them up in the most beautiful way.

Whether you’re looking for decorative ceiling beams or wood poles, there is an extensive collection available which will bring a charming country style to your space without any hassles. These are lightweight, sturdy, yet easy-to-use elements which will bring a striking look and feel to your setting.

Artificial Wood Column Wraps for Interiors and Exteriors

Column covers and faux wood post wraps column covers and wraps come in all different shapes and sizes, for both indoor and outdoor decoration. Most prominent are the colonial-style or Parthenon-esque columns that have graced college and government building foyers for centuries. Less obvious is a simple wood texture, like that which adorns the columns of the JW Terrill lobby crafted by st. Louis woodworks. Or a basic metal wrap, more durable for outdoors, like the minimalist aluminum columns designed for the Atlantic, are medical center by Bamco, inc. Even less obvious are silk or artificial trees used as faux beams.

How to Select Faux Wood Beams for Your Design?

  • Measure the Column – Measure the structural column that you want to conceal. Generally, steel beams are just a few inches, whereas wood or cement poles are much thicker in comparison. Make sure that you measure them accurately. Most wood beam providers will custom create your faux wood beams, so you don’t want to end up with ones which do not fit your columns.
  • Order the Correct Length – Yet another obvious tip, but still many ends up ordering the wrong length. We always recommend our customers to select the wood poles and faux ceiling beams which are slightly longer than needed. You can always cut them to size easily and make them fit better at both ends. This will ensure that you have covered the beams effectively rather than falling short.
  • Plain Fake Wood Beams or Column Wrap Trees – This depends on your budget and how interesting you want your columns to be. While a plain wood post wrap will cover your columns with something rustic and charming, column wrap trees will take the design a step further. The trees will bring so much more color and calming influence on the setting. Opt for the one that suits your landscaping project and budget.

Most Popular Faux Wood/Tree Post Wraps

Tree bark wraps that probably sounds a little awkward at first — artificial trees as column covers — but it makes quite a bit of sense when you think about it, especially for commercial spaces that need more green, or a casino, zoo or waterpark looking to accentuate a theme.

Artificial tree column covers are generally made in two parts and then assembled around columns on site. They can be custom manufactured at any height and can be made to go all the way up to the ceiling, or even to look as though they grew through the ceiling, with traces of foliage placed artfully near the top for a jack-and-the-beanstalk effect.

There are multiple wood paneling covers available in the market which will embrace your functional columns and give them a simple and different look. However, we have a collection of artificial tree columns which sound just what they are. Not only wood covers but a full-blown tree which will bring so much more drama and flourish to your setting.

  • Sugar Maple Column Tree – Our artificial Sugar Maple Column Trees are some of our most popular elements if you’re considering a wood pole or faux ceiling beam with more flair. The cylindrical tree bark wrap will take care of your building columns, and the beautiful foliage will give the space a refreshing touch.
  • Column Wrap Long Needle Pine Tree – This is yet another favorite featuring a smooth and sturdy-looking trunk which makes use of real wood bark wrapped column and will give a beautiful finish to those structural columns. Consisting of short branches and the distinct needle-like foliage, these faux beams will bring year-round color and appeal to the setting. 
  • Olive Ceiling Tree – Our artificial Olive Ceiling Trees boast of a highly textured and rustic, cylindrical trunk which will grace your columns whereas the foliage will give you a highly decorative ceiling. Perfect for spaces in need of ceiling coverage or canopy, these trees will bring stunning aesthetics to your setting season after season.

Tree column cover like making lemonade with lemons, architects and designers can turn a lousy column or post situation into an inspired design or theme with a little imagination, whether it’s a wood or metal wrap, or a vibrant artificial tree.