Office Interior Decor Trends to Follow in 2019

No matter if you run a small office, or a massive corporate house, you need to have well-decorated interiors for enhancing the functions of the office, and for improving the performance of the employees as well. While an office exterior helps to influence the crowd to step into the office, interior decoration helps to make it professional, impress the clients, inspire problem-solving, hide imperfections, boost up the employee morale and conveys the quality and class you maintain.

This makes office interior design very important. Like fashion, interior decoration is also ever-changing. There has been a massive change in office interior design in the last decade, and the present office interiors are unrecognizable when compared to what those have been earlier. Architects, engineers, and designers are now thinking beyond creating an office building only. The modern offices are now employee-oriented. This now considered as an important tool for retaining the best talents available.

As interior design has positive relations with ability, productivity, creativity, and concentration, the office interiors are now designed to encourage the employees for working efficiently. As a result, designers are now decorating offices meeting with the demands. The present-day office is more than a traditional workplace. It stays ahead of the curve by creating a happy and healthy place where people feel excited to work every day.

As the office owners have started planning their offices for the year, here are some of the dynamic interior decoration trends that you may consider.

Tearing down the cubicles

Present office decoration trend is to have an open office plan, tearing down the cubicles that make people isolated. Rather than hierarchy, the current interior decoration trend is to have functional sitting arrangements for better collaboration and communication between the employees.

Personalizing the office space

Personalizing the office environment is excellent for relieving stress and anxiety, and also helps to have a positive attitude. The present-day office interiors are so designed that the people working there have a feeling of working from home. This is done by including comfortable sofas and other sitting arrangements and adding texture to the place for a stimulating experience.

Building a breakout area

Majority of the office employees are now forced to spend long hours in the office, and that too being glued to the screen. This creates monotony and lowers the productivity level. In order to revitalize the employees, most modern offices are now having a breakout area where people can relax for a while, have a cup of coffee, and hold informal meetings for sharing problems and finding solutions.

Having dynamic designs

Full utilization of the available space is the central theme of modern workplace design. Millennium interior decoration trend is to go for creating dynamic space designs. Such office interiors are flexible and engaging. The workplaces are so designed with moveable partition and modular furniture, that a conference room can be easily transformed into an office party room, or the other way round.

Daylight harvesting for energy-efficient interior

When a workplace is flooded with natural light, it becomes warm and inviting. With passing hours, throughout the day, the decor of a sunlit office interior also changes making it an attractive place. Studies show that office interiors abundant with sunlight keep the employees physically and emotionally healthy for delivering their best. Prudent use of large glass windows gives the benefit of the daylight without the glare. Moreover, harvesting daylight contributes to increasing the energy efficiency of the interior.

Choosing ambient lighting

As most of the office work needs one to glue to the screen, the modern offices are now discarding the hanging fluorescent light and opting for indirect light that reflects from the ceiling. Floor lamps are also used for zonal lighting to make the interior look spacious and relaxing.

Bringing the right colors in

Colors greatly influence the human mind. When people are exposed to different colors for a long period, they show different emotional responses. Choosing the right color is sure to make the office more productive. Promoting clarity of thought and creativity, the yellow color is excellent for office interiors that require more energy. Colors like blue are ideal where calmness is essential. Combination color palettes are also used for making the workplace bright and refreshing.

Paneling walls

Paneling the office walls with 3D wall panels is another modern office trend. These bring the walls to life. Coming in varieties of designs and styles these are also great to hide the flaws and create excellent focal points in the interior. Made from natural materials, these also help to absorb sound, and ultimately reduce the noise level in the office paving ways for better communication.

Greening the office interior

Humans have an affinity for nature. It is a proven fact that when people are near to nature, they become calm and relaxed. Natural ambiance also makes people creative. Including green dividers, walls and other elements boost up the interior environment. Since the live plants have numbers of maintenance demands, the faux plants provide the best alternative solution as these are past investments and periodic cleaning is enough to keep them shinning. Moreover, the silk plants are made absolutely like the natural plants and can evade even the most experienced eye and make the workplace refreshing.

The great thing about the faux plants is that these can be customized to complement any decor theme. As these do not require any sunlight, they can be installed in the poorly-lit corner without any problem. Made from high-quality silk foliage and being infused with UV blocking and fire-retardant chemicals, these never fade and do not help the fire spread. No waiting period is required for the fake plants; they continue to adorn the office interior from day one. Installing these in your office interior, you can enjoy the bloom in all seasons. These do not attract insects or cause any allergy and delivers a safe office interior.