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Hickory Tree Bark ID# HICB9349

Hickory Tree Bark
hickory bark sheet new L
Hickory Tree Bark
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Bark detail
hickory bark sheet new L
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In manufacturing artificial trees, the replication of the bark takes attention to detail and great care to make it realistic and true to its natural living inspiration. Our Hickory tree is certainly no exception. Making sure the fine detail along with the rugged texture of the beautiful bark is replicated properly, we cast a mold from real Cedar trees, capturing the natural design through our manufacturing process. These sheets of bark are easy to implement as a wrap-around, creating a life like tree trunk for your landscape project. Artisan crafted to match the real life tree, these Hickory Tree Bark sheets are molded with the Hickory vertical ridges, and painted using premium materials for a long lasting, natural looking part of your design. Consider using the Hickory Tree bark for a natural tree accent where you never thought you could!


  • Size 120”h x 49”w
  • Cast from real bark for authentic detail
  • Painted and textured for lifelike look and feel
  • Easily conforms and wraps around existing structures
Fire-retardant ThermaLeaf® materials available.
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