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Medium Tree BarkID# OKRB3621M


Medium Tree Bark ID# OKRB3621M

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  • Size 36”h x 21”w
  • Cast from real bark for authentic detail
  • Painted and textured for lifelike look and feel
  • Easily conforms and wraps around existing structures
Fire-retardant ThermaLeaf® materials available.
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Medium Texture Tree Bark Sheet is created from flexible molds that have been formed from living tree bark. This process captures incredibly realistic details and the fake bark molds allow our design team to control the depth variance of the tree bark. Bark sheets can be manufactured for indoor and outdoor commercial tree applications, and our project portfolio includes artificial tree applications in hotels, class A office buildings, restaurants, health care facilities and retail displays. Our artificial bark sheets are painted a deep coffee color and has splashes of rust, beige, brick and olive colors to give it that one-of-a-kind fabricated tree appearance. Our fake tree bark can be stylized in the same manner as our artificial bark sheets or our deep textured bark panels.

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