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Bamboo Poles (natural)

Bamboo Poles (natural)
Bamboo Poles (natural)
Decorative bamboo poles (Natural)
Black, green or natural color
Bamboo Poles (natural)
Bamboo Poles (natural)
Bamboo Poles (natural)
  • Starting dimensions range from 1.5"-18" (custom dimensions available)
  • Trendy & fashionable selection of branches
  • Low maintenance displays
  • Real preserved natural wood branches
  • Custom containers for decorative expression
  • Trunk: Wood
Available Colors

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Bamboo Poles also called bamboo stems or bamboo sticks, are manufactured for a variety of uses including privacy screens, artificial plant trellis, pergolas or arbors, even a palapas. Our natural and stained bamboo poles are harvested from premium natural bamboo plants, and come in many sizes. To buy bamboo poles or for more information on our bamboo stem sizes and specifications, contact our team today.

If you’re looking to create a privacy screen, pergola, arbor or even palapas in your commercial landscape design and are looking for interesting ways to do so, then here is something which will help you do it in style and panache – our collection of Bamboo Poles. Whether you have an Asian theme or would love to create a Bamboo-inspired space, these are something you should definitely introduce in your commercial space. And they’re not just utility pieces but statement pieces as well. They will help you craft a stylish space without any hassle. One of the best landscape accents to create a beautiful, special retreat, these Natural Bamboo Poles will bring a sense of cool and comfort in the setting till times to come.

Harvested from premium natural Bamboo plants, our Bamboo Poles are quite distinct and special and will help you create a visually appealing space. An easy way to bring sturdy feel and unique looks to your theme or landscape, these Bamboo Poles will not only add to the style but to the utility of your commercial landscape design. If you’re looking to create an authentic sense of space and want to bring a little serenity to your commercial property, then our Bamboo Poles should definitely feature in it. They will help you craft a cool, chic ambiance and at the same time bring a comforting look to the setting.

Perfectly suited to a range of commercial spaces including amusement parks, exotic display rooms, exhibitions, office or corporate buildings, government buildings, retail stores, entertainment facilities, healthcare and hospitality spaces, senior living facilities, casinos, theme parks, airports, colleges and other commercial spaces, these Natural Bamboo Poles will make your space welcoming and highly appealing and functional throughout the season.

Crafted from premium quality material, these poles have an extremely appealing, realistic appearance. They are extremely durable, do not require any sort of maintenance and will bring some style and a lot of character to your commercial property.

If you’re looking for landscape accents which will help you craft a beautiful theme or a landscape, then our Natural Bamboo Poles are exactly what you need. They will add a delightful appeal to your entire setting.

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